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Friday, March 6, 2020

The Expository Times 131/6

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The Expository Times- Volume: 131, Number: 6 (March 2020)
The One and the Many in Radhakrishnan's and Hick's Thinking
One Word, many wordings: The Inspiration of Scripture in its Christological and Pneumatological Dimension of Depth
Reply to Irving, "One Word, many wordings"
Book of the Month
Militant Grace: Rebirthing the Scholarly Word on Pauline Apocalypticism
Sermons for the Christian Year
5th April: Liturgy of the Passion: Isaiah 50.4–9a; Psalm 31.9–16; Philippians 2.5–11, Matthew 27.11–54
12th April: The Resurrection of the Lord: Acts 10.34–43; Colossians 3.1–4; Psalm 118.1–2, 14–24; John 20.1–18
19th April: 2nd Sunday of Easter: John 20.19–31
26th April: 3rd Sunday of Easter: Acts 2.14a, 36–41; Luke 24.13–35
Worship Resources
Worship Resources for Holy Week
Book Reviews
The Dominion of YHWH in the Discourse of Obadiah
T&T Clark Reader in Theological Anthropology
Preaching and Teaching from the Letter to the Hebrews
Determinism and Ethics in Valentinian Thought
The Pastor Cultivating Christoformity
Once More Romans 1–3, but with a Twist
Dialogue Gospels and the Gospel of Mary
Revising Yoder Via Bordieu
Rediscovering Paul as Pastor
Sabbath Rest
Evangelical Reflections on Ecclesiology and Mission
Religion and Politics Before Trump
The Lord's Supper As Subversive Anti-Imperial Praxis?
Wrestling with Rest
Paul's Message of Unity
Memorialising C. S. Lewis
The Christian Story in Minimal English
The Biggest Elephant in the Room?
Index of Books Reviewed
Index of Books Reviewed
And Finally…
And Finally…