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Journal of Semitic Studies 69/1

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Journal of Semitic Studies  
Volume 69 Issue 1
Spring 2024
A Note on the Safaitic Calendar 
Ahmad Al-Jallad
On the Etymology of Biblical Hebrew טֶרֶם Ṭɛrɛm 'before, not yet' 
Ambjörn Sjörs
The Non-Triliteral Theory of Verbal Morphology of the Karaite Joseph IBN Nūḥ 
Joshua Dachman
Verbal system and poetics in the works of Yehuda Ha-Lewi 
Barbara Gryczan
Several Genizah Fragments of Saadya Gaon's Translation of the Pentateuch Copied by Yedutun ben Levi 
Tamar Zewi, Amir Ashur
A donation list from Elephantine: Judaean and Non-Judaean onomastic characteristics from the Persian period in Egypt 
Mitka R Golub
'A great star falls'—cometology in Syriac language and literature 
Stefanie Rudolf
There's Something Bad in the Packs: A Vernacular Aramaic Phrase in al-Ṭabarī's and al-Masʿūdī's Histories? 
Georg Leube, Charles G Häberl
Narrative verbal forms in North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic dialects  
Geoffrey Khan
The Girl in the Ape's House: A folktale in a North-Eastern Neo-Aramaic variety of Urmiya, Russia 
Alexey Lyavdansky, Kirill Kozhanov, Maria Ovsjannikova
'Unorthodox' Usages of the Term xabar in the Early Arabic Grammatical Tradition 
Almog Kasher
The Morphosyntax of Objects to Participles in the Qurʾān 
Marijn van Putten
Oral Reading Traditions and Scriptural Hermeneutics: The Exegetical Significance of the Pausal Systems in the Hebrew Bible and the Qurʾān 
Tareq Moqbel
The Evolution of Morpho-Syntactic Mood in Arabic: A View from early Christian Arabic Gospel Manuscripts 
Phillip W Stokes
The Silence of the Bride: A Fatimid marriage contract on silk 
Reem Alrudainy, Mathieu Tillier, Naïm Vanthieghem
The Sufi Writing Tradition in Arabic 
Arin Salamah-Qudsi
Berber Influence on Arabic Form IX in North Africa 
Lameen Souag
Epenthesis and vowel intrusion in Central Dhofari Mehri 
Janet C E Watson, Gisela Tomé Lourido, Abdullah al-Mahri
The Christian Arabic dialect of Mērgī 
Qasim Hassan
On the Acoustics of Emphasis in Central Mount Lebanon Lebanese 
Georges Sakr
Ruʾūs al-Jibāl Arabic in Context: A Proposal for an Expanded Typology of Southeastern Arabian Dialects 
Mark Daniel Shockley
Yesterday and the Day Before in Semitic 
Aaron D Rubin
Valentina Grasso, Pre-Islamic Arabia: Politics, Cults and Identities during Late Antiquity: A Review Article 
Ahmad Al-Jallad
Book Reviews
Daniel James Waller, The Bible in the Bowls: A Catalogue of Biblical Quotations in Published Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Magic Bowls 
Anne Burberry
Maciej Klimiuk, Semitic Dialects and Dialectology: Fieldwork – Community – Change 
Wiktor Gębski
Otto Jastrow, Der arabische Dialekt der Christen von Kaʿbīye (Diyarbakir) 
Stephan Procházka
Enam Al-Wer, Uri Horesh, Bruno Herin, Arabic Sociolinguistics 
Catherine Miller
Endalew Assefa, Descriptive Grammar of Ezha: A Gurage Language of Ethiopia (Ethio-Semitic) 
Aaron D Rubin