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Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 45/1

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Duelling dynasties: A proposal concerning Ezekiel's sign-act of the two sticks
What has Leviticus 17 to do with Deuteronomy 12.20–27? The literary relationship between the Deuteronomic and Holiness Codes on cult centralization and animal slaughter
Defacing the name: YHWH and 'ZTWD
'The myth of the empty exile': A Comparative Exploration into Ancient Biblical Exile and Modern Korean Exile
Are economics a key to dating Urdeuteronomium? A response to Sandra Lynn Richter , , , and
High-handed sin and the Promised Land: The rhetorical relationship between law and narrative in Numbers 15
Moabite women, Transjordanian women, and incest and exogamy: The gendered dimensions of boundaries in the Hebrew Bible
Realigning the Cosmos: The intertextual image of judgment and restoration in Zephaniah
The book of Jonah and the theme of exile
CORRIGENDUM to Theodicy in an ironical sense: The Joban Wager and the portrait of folly

Journal for the Study of the New Testament 43/1

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Journal for the Study of the New Testament- Volume: 43, Number: 1 (September 2020)
The Gospel of John as Model for Literate Authors and their Texts in Epistula Apostolorum and Apocryphon of James (NHC I,2)
Scaling Gaius and Diotrephes: Socio-economic Stratification in 1 and 3 John
Paul's Absence from Corinth as Voluntary Exile: Reading 2 Corinthians 1.1–2.13 and 7.5-16 as a Letter from Exile
The Authentication of the Past: Narrative Representations of History in the Gospel of John
Translating from Greek as Source Language? The Lasting Influence of Latin on New Testament Translation
A Linguistic Analysis of πίστις χριστοῦ: The Case for the Third View

Journal of Semitic Studies 65/2

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Journal of Semitic Studies  
Volume 65 Issue 2
September 2020
Introductory Note
Introductory Note by The Senior Editor 
Geoffrey Khan
The Discourse Functions of Overspecified Anaphoric Expressions in Biblical Hebrew Narrative: Genesis 12‐24 as a Test Case 
Ulf Bergström
The Deuteronomistic Endorsement Of Sacrificing Errant Individuals As Reflected By The Hebrew Terms Ḥērem And Biʽēr 
Jason Tatlock
Palestinian Amoraic Hebrew As A Living Vernacular: An Indication From Morphosyntax 
Ivri J Bunis
On The Etymology Of Biblical Hebrew : A Contribution to the 'Sin Offering' vs. 'Purification Offering' Debate 
Joseph Lam
Towards A Comprehensive Model For Interpreting Word Order In Classical Biblical Hebrew 
Geoffrey Khan; Christo H.J. Van Der Merwe
Lexical Root vs. Substantive Root: The Status of the Hebrew Alphabet As A Precursory System for MenaḤEm Ben Saruq's Root Concept 
Luba R Charlap
Early Genizah Fragments Of Saadya Gaon's Bible Translation Copied By Samuel B. Shechaniah B. Amram 
Tamar Zewi; Amir Ashur
A Neo-Aramaic Version of a Kurdish Folktale 
Charles Häberl; Nikita Kuzin; Sergey Loesov ; Alexey Lyavdansky
A Marginal Case of Secondary Opening In GƏˁƏZ 
Aaron Michael Butts
The 3Fs Perfect In Omani Mehri 
Sabrina Bendjaballah; Aaron D Rubin
A Linguistic Issue In By NafīS AL-Dīn Abū L-Faraj Ibn Al-Kaṯār (Thirteenth Century) 
Watad Ali
The Long Perplexing Mīmiyya of Ḥumayd B. Thawr Al-Hilālī: Which Version Is More Convincing? 
Ali Ahmad Hussein
A Glint From The Kāmasūtra in al-Ǧāḥiẓ's Kitāb Al-Ḥayawān 
Oliver Kahl
Wayne Horowitz, Takayoshi Oshima and Seth L. Sanders, Cuneiform in Canaan: The Next Generation2 
Ran Zadok
H.G.M. Williamson, Isaiah 6-12: A Critical and Exegetical Commentary 
Arie Van Der Kooij
Wojciech Pikor, The Land of Israel in the Book of Ezekiel 
Michael A Lyons
Adam D. Hensley, Covenant Relationships and the Editing of the Hebrew Psalter 
David Davage
Matthew J. Suriano, A History of Death in the Hebrew Bible 
Douglas J Davies
James K. Aitken and Hilary F. Marlow (eds). The City in the Hebrew Bible: Critical, Literary, and Exegetical Approaches 
Jason M Silverman
Saul M. Olyan and Jacob L. Wright (eds), Supplementation and the Study of the Hebrew Bible  
Juha Pakkala
Kenneth Atkinson, The Hasmoneans and their Neighbors. New Historical Reconstructions from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Classical Sources 
Doron Mendels
Ethan C. Jones (ed.), The Unfolding of Your Words Gives Light: Studies on Biblical Hebrew in Honor of George L. Klein  
Elizabeth Robar
Eric D. Reymond, Intermediate Biblical Hebrew Grammar: A Student's Guide to Phonology and Morphology 
Alinda Damsma
Lutz Edzard, Manuel Sartori and Philippe Cassuto (eds), Case and Mood Endings in Semitic - Myth or Reality? Désinences casuelles et modales dans les langues sémitiques - mythe ou réalité? 
Benjamin D Suchard
Hayyim Habshush, A Vision of Yemen, The Travels of a European Orientalist and His Native Guide 
Avihai Shivtiel
Short Notes
Geoffrey Herman and Jeffrey Rubenstein (eds), The Aggada of the Bavli and Its Cultural World  
Steven D Fraade
Jongkyung Lee, A Redactional Study of the Book of Isaiah 13–23 
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer
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