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J Semitic Studies TOC for Spring 2010; Vol. 55, No. 1



Edward Lipinski
Le Gerondif en Phenicien
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 1-10; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp033.

Robert S. Kawashima
'Orphaned' Converted Tense Forms in Classical Biblical Hebrew Prose
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 11-35; doi:10.1093/jss/fgq053.

Bahaa Amer Al-Jubouri
Nouvelles Inscriptions Arameennes Du Temple De Nannay a Hatra
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 37-52; doi:10.1093/jss/fgq052.

Gerrit Bos
Medical Terminology in the Hebrew Tradition: Shem Tov Ben Isaac, Sefer
ha-Shimmush, Book 30
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 53-101; doi:10.1093/jss/fgq051.

Aaron D. Rubin
The Development of the Amharic Definite Article and an Indonesian Parallel
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 103-114; doi:10.1093/jss/fgq050.

Abdulrahman S. Al Salimi
Identifying the (Ibadi/Omani) Siyar
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 115-162; doi:10.1093/jss/fgq049.

Sam Liebhaber
Rhythm and Beat: Re-evaluating Arabic Prosody in the Light of Mahri Oral
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 163-182; doi:10.1093/jss/fgq048.

Sadok Masliyah
The Folk Songs of Iraqi Children: Part One
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 183-235; doi:10.1093/jss/fgq047.

James Dickins
Basic Sentence Structure in Sudanese Arabic
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 237-261; doi:10.1093/jss/fgq046.


Aaron D. Rubin
RAINER VOIGT (ed.), From Beyond the Mediterranean: Akten des 7.
Internationalen Semitohamitistenkongresses (VII. ISHaK), Berlin 13, bis
15, September 2004 (Semitica et Semitohamitica Berolinensia 5).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 263-265; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp042.

Karl Jansen-Winkeln
Elizabeth Frood, Biographical Texts from Ramesside Egypt (Society of
Biblical Literature Writings from the Ancient World 26).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 265-266; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp044.

Wilfred G.E. Watson
WILLIAM M. SCHNIEDEWIND and JOEL H. HUNT, A Primer on Ugaritic: Language,
Culture and Literature.
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 266-268; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp045.

Walter J. Houston
JAMES W. WATTS, Ritual and Rhetoric in Leviticus: From Sacrifice to
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 269-270; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp046.

Calum Carmichael
CHRISTOPHE NIHAN, From Priestly Torah to Pentateuch (Forschungen zum Alten
Testament, 2 Reihe, 25).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 270-271; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp047.

Ralph W. Klein
JILL MIDDLEMAS, The Templeless Age: An Introduction to the History,
Literature and Theology of the 'Exile'.
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 271-273; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp048.

Philip R. Davies
ARCHIE T. WRIGHT, The Origin of Evil Spirits (WUNT 2 Reihe 198).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 273-274; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp049.

A. Asa Eger
KAY PRAG, Excavations by K. M. Kenyon in Jerusalem 1961-1967: Volume V.
Discoveries in Hellenistic to Ottoman Jerusalem (Levant Supplementary
Series 7).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 274-278; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp050.

Oliver Kahl
PETER E. PORMANN (ed.), Rufus of Ephesus: On Melancholy (Sapere 12).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 278-280; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp051.

Jerome A. Lund
P.S.F. VAN KEULEN and W.TH. VAN PEURSEN (eds), Corpus Linguistics and
Textual History: A Computer-Assisted Interdisciplinary Approach to the
Peshitta (Studia Semitica Neerlandica Volume 48).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 280-282; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp052.

Matthew Morgenstern
CHRISTA MULLER-KESSLER, Die Zauberschalentexte in der Hilprecht-Sammlung,
Jena und weitere Nippur-Texte anderer Sammlungen.
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 282-291; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp053.

Azzan Yadin
AVI SAGI, The Open Canon: On the Meaning of Halakhic Discourse (The Robert
and Arlene Kogod Library of Judaic Studies).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 291-292; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp054.

Ephraim Nissan
The Literature of the Sages, Second Part: Midrash and Targum, Liturgy,
Poetry, Mysticism, Contracts, Inscriptions, Ancient Science and the
Languages of Rabbinic Literature (Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum ad Novum
Testamentum, Section Two: The Literature of the Jewish People in the
Period of the Second Temple and the Talmud, 3a).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 293-297; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp055.

David M. Stec
TIMOTHY EDWARDS, Exegesis in the Targum of the Psalms: The Old, the New,
and the Rewritten (Gorgias Dissertations 28 Biblical Studies 1).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 297-298; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp056.

Aaron D. Rubin
MARIANO GOMEZ ARANDA, Dos Comentarios de Abraham ibn Ezra al Libro de
Ester: Edicion critica, traduccion y estudio introductorio (Literatura
Hispano-Hebrea 9).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 298-300; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp057.

Arie Schippers
DVORA BREGMAN, The Golden Way: The Hebrew Sonnet during the Renaissance
and the Baroque (Medieval and Renaissance Text and Studies 304).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 300-304; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp058.

A.H. Lesser
LEORA BATNITZKY, Leo Strauss and Emmanuel Levinas: Philosophy and the
Politics of Revelation.
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 304-306; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp059.

Stefan Wild
KHALEEL MOHAMMED and ANDREW RIPPIN (eds), Coming to terms with the
Qurrhringan. A volume in honor of Professor Issa Boullata.
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 306-307; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp060.

Gerhard Bowering
JOHN A. MORROW (ed.), Arabic, Islam and the Allah Lexicon: How Language
Shapes our Conception of God.
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 308-309; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp061.

Short Notes

Mila Ginsburskaya
PEKKA LINDQVIST, Sin at Sinai: Early Judaism Encounters: Exodus 32
(Studies in Rewritten Bible 2).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 311-312; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp043.

Walter J. Houston
BERNARD M. LEVINSON, "The Right Chorale": Studies in Biblical Law and
Interpretation (FAT 54).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 312-313; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp062.

Brian E. Kelly
JAMES T. SPARKS, The Chronicler's Genealogies: Towards an Understanding of
1 Chronicles 1-9 (Society of Biblical Literature Academia Biblica 28).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 313-314; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp063.

Philip R. Davies
FIONA C. BLACK, The Recycled Bible: Autobiography, Culture, and the Space
Between (Semeia Studies 51).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 314-315; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp064.

Stephen A. Kaufman
ANDREW D. GROSS, Continuity and Innovation in the Aramaic Legal Tradition
(Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism 128).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 315; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp065.

George J. Brooke
GIANCARLO TOLONI, La sofferenza del giusto: Giobbe e Tobia a confronto
(Studi biblici 159).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 315-316; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp066.

George J. Brooke
Favor of God. Volume 1: The Origins of Penitential Prayer in Second Temple
Judaism (SBL Early Judaism and Its Literature 21). Volume 3: The Impact of
Penitential Prayer beyond Second Temple Judaism (SBL Early Judaism and Its
Literature 23).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 316-317; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp067.

George J. Brooke
MELVIN K. H. PETERS (ed.), XIII Congress of the International Organization
for Septuagint and Cognate Studies: Ljubljana, 2007 (SBL Septuagint and
Cognate Studies 55).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 317; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp068.

Ariel Feldman
SIDNIE WHITE CRAWFORD, Rewriting Scripture in Second Temple Times (Studies
in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 318; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp069.

Charlotte Hempel
LORENZO DITOMASSO, The Dead Sea New Jerusalem Text: Contents and Contexts
(Texts and Studies in Ancient Judaism 110).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 318-319; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp070.

George J. Brooke
ANTTI LAATO and JACQUES VAN RUITEN (eds), Rewritten Bible Reconsidered:
Proceedings of the Conference in Karkku, Finland, August 24-26 2006
(Studies in Rewritten Bible 1).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 319-320; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp071.

George J. Brooke
DAVID T. RUNIA and GREGORY E. STERLING (eds), The Studia Philonica Annual:
Studies in Hellenistic Judaism Volume XX.2008.
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 320; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp072.

George J. Brooke
Volume 1: Inquiry into Religious Experience in Early Judaism and Early
Christianity (SBL Symposium Series 40).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 320-321; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp073.

George J. Brooke
BART D. EHRMAN, Whose Word is It? The Story Behind Who Changed the New
Testament and Why.
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 321; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp074.

Matthew Morgenstern
JULIUS HEINRICH PETERMANN, The Great Treasure or Great Book, commonly
called "The Book of Adam", the Mandaeans' work of Highest Authority
(Gorgias Mandaean Studies 2).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 321-322; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp075.

Renate Smithuis
BENJAMIN RICHLER, Hebrew Manuscripts in the Vatican Library Catalogue
(Studi E Testi 438).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 322-323; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp076.

Alasdair Livingstone
SETH S. SANDERS (ed.), Margins of Writing, Origins of Cultures (Oriental
Institute Seminars 2).
J Semitic Studies 2010 55: 323; doi:10.1093/jss/fgp077.

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