Friday, April 16, 2010

Journal of Biblical Literature 129/1, Spring 2010

Volume 129, Number 1 / Spring 2010 of Journal of Biblical Literature is now available on the website at

This issue contains:

Presidential Address p. 3
David J. A. Clines
Learning, Teaching, and Researching Biblical Studies, Today and Tomorrow p. 5
David J. A. Clines
The Function of the Chronicler's Temple Despoliation Notices in Light of Imperial Realities in Yehud p. 31
Paul S. Evans
Death, Disinheritance, and Job's Kinsman-Redeemer p. 49
Matthew J. Suriano
Gog's Grave and the Use and Abuse of Corpses in Ezekiel 39:11-20 p. 67
Francesca Stavrakopoulou
Jewish Identity under Foreign Rule: Daniel 2 as a Reconfiguration of Genesis 41 p. 85
Matthew S. Rindge
Donkey Domain: Zechariah 9:9 and Lexical Semantics p. 105
Kenneth C. Way
The Gospel of John and the Five Senses p. 115
Dorothy Lee
Spirit and Covenant Renewal: A Theologoumenon of Paul's Opponents in 2 Corinthians p. 129
Thomas R. Blanton, IV
Why Is There No Thanksgiving Period in Galatians? An Assessment of an Exegetical Commonplace p. 153
Robert E. Van Voorst
P.Oxy. 2949—Its Transcription and Significance: A Response to Thomas Wayment p. 173
Paul Foster
How Accurate Are Eyewitnesses? Bauckham and the Eyewitnesses in the Light of Psychological Research p. 177
Judith C. S. Redman

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