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Irish Theological Quarterly 75/3 TOC, 1 August 2010


Edinburgh 2010, Ecumenism, and a Contemporary Challenge to the Roman
Catholic Mission Movement
Thomas R. Whelan
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 251-272

A Heideggerian Development of Scotus's Christology: Why Christ Is Not a
Human Person
Peter S. Dillard
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 273-286

John's Gospel and Modern Genre Theory: The Farewell Discourse (John 13--17)
as a Test Case
Ruth Sheridan
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 287-299

Theology as Improvisation: Seeking the Unstructured Form of Theology with
David Tracy
Nathan Crawford
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 300-312

Book Review: Religion and Society Souls in Transition: The Religious and
Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults. By Christian Smith with Patricia Snell.
New York: Oxford University Press, 2009. Pp. 368. Price $24.95 (hbk). ISBN
John-Paul Sheridan
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 313-315

Book Review: Religion and Science Roman Catholicism and Modern Science: A
History. By Don O'Leary. London: Continuum, 2006. Pp. 356. Price {pound}30
(hbk). ISBN 978-0-82641868-5
Terence Kennedy
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 315-316

Book Review: Church History The Great Persecution: The Proceedings of the
Fifth Patristic Conference, Maynooth, 2003. Edited by D. Vincent Twomey and
Mark Humphries. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2009. Pp. x + 176. Price 50.00
(hbk). ISBN: 978-I-84682-161-5
Salvador Ryan
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 316-318

Book Review: Rome in Australia: The Papacy and Conflict in the Australian
Catholic Missions, 1834--1884. By Christopher Dowd. Leiden: Brill, 2008.
Pp. 658. Price: 170 (hbk). ISBN 978-9-00416-529-8
Colin Barr
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 318-320

Book Review: Scripture Pentecost and Sinai: The Festival of Weeks as a
Celebration of the Sinai Event. By Sejin Park. Library of Hebrew Bible/Old
Testament Studies 342; London: T&T Clark, Continuum, 2008. Pp. 290. Price:
{pound}65 (hbk). ISBN 0567027279
Dermot Nestor
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 320-322

Book Review: New Testament: SCM Core Text. By Richard Cooke. London: SCM
Press, 2009. Pp. 499. Price: {pound}30.00 (pbk). ISBN: 978-0-3340-4060-6.
Peoples of the New Testament World: An Illustrated Guide. By William A.
Simmons. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2008. Pp. 352. Price: $37.95 (hbk).
ISBN: 978-1-56563-877-8. The Text of the New Testament: From Manuscript to
Modern Edition. By J. Harold Greenlee. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2008. Pp.
144. Price $12.95/ {pound}8.09 (pbk). ISBN: 978-1-5985-6240-8
Gerard McLarney
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 323-325

Book Review: Do We Still Need Paul? A Contemporary Reading of the Apostle.
By Kieran O'Mahony. Dublin: Veritas, 2009. Pp.150. Price: 15.95 (pbk). ISBN
978-1-84730-171-0. Paul. By Geoffrey Harris. London: SCM, 2009. Pp. 267.
Price: {pound}19.99 (pbk). ISBN 978-0-334-04206-8
Frank J. Matera
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 326-327

Book Review: Liturgy Liturgy in the Age of Reason: Worship and Sacraments
in England and Scotland 1662 -- c.1800. By Bryan D. Spinks. Aldershot:
Ashgate 2008. Pp. 284. Price {pound}55.00 (hbk). ISBN 978-0-7546-6089-7
Phillip Tovey
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 327-328

Book Review: God and Mystery in Words: Experience through Metaphor and
Drama. By David Brown. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. Pp. 304.
Price: {pound}25 (hbk). ISBN 978-0-19-923183-6
Liam Tracey
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 329-331

Book Review: The Liturgy in Medieval England: A History. By Richard W.
Pfaff. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Pp. xxviii + 593.
Price: {pound}75 (hbk). ISBN 978-0-521-80847-7
Neil Xavier O'Donoghue
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 332-333

Book Review: Historical Theology Newman and the Alexandrian Fathers:
Shaping Doctrine in Nineteenth-Century England. By Benjamin John King.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. Pp. xvii + 289. Price: {pound}50
(hbk). ISBN 978-0-19-954813-2
Thomas O'Loughlin
Irish Theological Quarterly 2010;75 333-334

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