Thursday, September 30, 2010

Journal of Biblical Literature 129/2, Summer 2010

1. A Comparative Note on the Demand for Witnesses in Isaiah 43:9
Author Shalom E. Holtz

2. A Disconcerting Prayer: On the Originality of Luke 23:34a
Author Nathan Eubank

3. A New Testament Papyrus and Its Documentary Context: An Early Christian Writing Exercise from the Archive of Leonides (P.Oxy. II 209/p10)
Author Annemarie Luijendijk

4. A Note on Peshitta Job 28:23
Authors Brian J. Alderman and Brent A. Strawn

5. Christian Ancestor Worship in Rome
Author Ramsay MacMullen

6. Closed-Minded Hermeneutics? A Proposed Alternative Translation for Luke 24:45
Author Matthew W. Bates

7. Elaborated Evidence for the Priority of 1 Samuel 26
Author Steven L. McKenzie

8. Flight of the Fugitives: Rethinking the Relationship between Biblical Law (Exodus 21:12-14) and the Davidic Succession Narrative (1 Kings 1-2)
Author Jonathan Burnside

9. Mattathias and the Jewish Man of Modein
Author Benjamin Edidin Scolnic

10. Oxyrhynchus Papyrus 2069 and the Compositional History of 1 Enoch
Author Randall D. Chesnutt

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