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Expository Times TOC 122/3, 1 Dec 2010


Postliberal Hermeneutics: Narrative, Community, and the Meaning of
Kevin W. Hector
The Expository Times 2010;122 105-116

Book Review: Luke-Acts, Fellow-Workers, and Literary Gap Theory: Kathy
Maxwell, Hearing Between the Lines: The Audience as Fellow-Worker in
Luke-Acts and its Literary Milieu (LNTS 425; London: T&T Clark, 2010.
{pound}60.00. pp. xii + 204. ISBN 978-0-567-59291-0)
Sean A. Adams
The Expository Times 2010;122 116

BP, the Blowout and the Bible Belt: Why Conservative Christianity Does Not
Conserve Creation
Michael S. Northcott
The Expository Times 2010;122 117-126

Book Review: Unconditional Salvation in Paul: Douglas A. Campbell, The
Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul
(Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2009. $60.00/{pound}33.99. pp. xxx +
1248. ISBN: 978-0-8028-3126-2)
Jane Heath
The Expository Times 2010;122 127-129

2nd January: Second Sunday after Christmas Day: John 1: (1-9) 10-18
Russell Barr
The Expository Times 2010;122 130-131

9th January: The Baptism of our Lord: Matthew 3: 13-17
Matthew Anstey
The Expository Times 2010;122 132-134

16th January: Second Sunday after Epiphany: Isaiah 49: 1-7; St John 1:
29-42 Jesus saw them following and asked, "What do you seek?"
Julie Woods
The Expository Times 2010;122 134-136

23rd January: Third Sunday after Epiphany: Matthew 4: 12-23 (NRSV)
Eric G. McKimmon
The Expository Times 2010;122 136-138

30th January: Fourth Sunday after Epiphany: I Corinthians 1.18-31; Matthew
Harriet Harris
The Expository Times 2010;122 138-140

Resources for All-Age Worship for January

The Expository Times 2010;122 141-145

Book Review: Echoes of the Old Testament in Colossians: Christopher A.
Beetham, Echoes of Scripture in the Letter of Paul to the Colossians, BINS
96 (Leiden: Brill, 2008. 124.00 /$189.00. pp. xviii + 342. ISBN:
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2010;122 146-147

Book Review: Gnosis - Collected Writings of Barbara Aland: Barabara Aland,
Was ist Gnosis? WUNT 239 (Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2009. 119.00. pp. xv +
434. ISBN:978-3-16-149967-8)
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2010;122 146

Book Review: Nouvelle Theologie: Hans Boersma, Nouvelle Theologie and
Sacramental Ontology: A Return to Mystery, (Oxford: OUP, 2009.
{pound}65.00. pp. 325. ISBN: 978-0-19-922964-2)
A.J. Cocksworth
The Expository Times 2010;122 147-148

Book Review: Sinner You'll Need King Jesus: Greg Carey, Sinners: Jesus and
His Earliest Followers (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2009.
$29.95/{pound}19.99. pp. 200. ISBN: 978-1-60258-146-3)
A.K.M. Adam
The Expository Times 2010;122 148

Book Review: J. I. Packer: Latter-Day Catechist: Timothy George (ed.), J.I.
Packer and the Evangelical Future: The Impact of His Life and Thought
(Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker, 2009. $21.99. pp. 272. ISBN:
Hans Boersma
The Expository Times 2010;122 149

Book Review: Gnosis - Collected Writings of Barbara Aland: Marius Heemstra,
The Fiscus Judaicus and the Parting of the Ways WUNT II/277 (Tubingen: Mohr
Siebeck, 2010. 59.00. pp. xiii + 241. ISBN: 978-3-16-150383-2)
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2010;122 149-150

Book Review: Ruth - a Linguistic Commentary: Robert D. Holmstedt, Ruth: A
Handbook of the Hebrew Text (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2010.
$24.95. pp. 180. ISBN: 978-1-932-79291-1)
Timothy H. Lim
The Expository Times 2010;122 150-151

Book Review: Physician of the Soul and Guide of the Perplexed: Arthur Hyman
(ed.), co-edited by Alfred Ivry, Maimonidean Studies Volume 5 (New York:
The Michael Sharf Publication Trust of Yeshiva University Press, 2008.
$49.50. pp. xviii + 442. ISBN: 978-0-88125-941-4)
Simon D. Podmore
The Expository Times 2010;122 151

Book Review: A Brief History of Angels: David Albert Jones, Angels: A
History (Oxford: OUP, 2010. 10.99. pp. 159. ISBN: 978-0-19-958295-2)
Kevin Sullivan
The Expository Times 2010;122 151-152

Book Review: Ephesians - the Greek Text: William J. Larkin, Ephesians: A
Handbook on the Greek Text (Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament).
Waco, Tex.: Baylor University Press, 2009. $19.99. pp. xxviii + 196. ISBN:
Dirk Jongkind
The Expository Times 2010;122 152-153

Book Review: Blessed Are They Who Are Not Offended: Alister McGrath,
Heresy: A History of Defending the Truth (London/New York: SPCK, 2009.
{pound}60.00. pp. 270. ISBN 978-0-281-06215-7)
Simon D. Podmore
The Expository Times 2010;122 153

Book Review: Marcion, Mani and Augustine: J.A. van den Berg, Biblical
Argument in Manichaean Missionary Practice: The Case of Adimantus and
Augustine (Leiden: Brill, 2010. 99/$147. pp. xii + 231. ISBN
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2010;122 154

Index of Books Reviewed

The Expository Times 2010;122 155

And finally......
John Eldridge
The Expository Times 2010;122 156

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