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Expository Times TOC 122/9, 1 June 2011


Political Theology
Tim Gorringe
The Expository Times 2011;122 417-424

Paul in the Book of Acts: Differences and Distance
Michael B. Thompson
The Expository Times 2011;122 425-436

Commenting On Hosea
David J. Reimer
The Expository Times 2011;122 436

Faith in the Face of Atheism
Mark Elliott
The Expository Times 2011;122 437-438

3rd July: Proper 9: Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67
Robert Gillies
The Expository Times 2011;122 439-440

10th July: Proper 10: Romans 8: 1-11
Eric G. McKimmon
The Expository Times 2011;122 441-442

July 17th: Proper 11: Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43
Rosemary King
The Expository Times 2011;122 442-445

July 24 th: Proper 12: Genesis 29: 15-28; Psalm 105: 1-11, 45b; Romans 8:
26-39; Matthew 13: 31-33, 44-52
Scott Cowdell
The Expository Times 2011;122 445-447

July 31st: Proper 13: Isaiah 55.1-5; Matthew 14.13-21
A. Leslie Milton
The Expository Times 2011;122 447-449

All- Age Worship Resources for July
Glendon Macauley
The Expository Times 2011;122 450-454

Book Review: Psalms in Community: Harold W. Attridge and Margot E. Fassler
(eds.), Psalms in Community: Jewish and Christian Textual, Liturgical, and
Artistic Traditions (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2003. pp.
xiii + 474. ISBN: 1-58983-078-4)
Timothy H. Lim
The Expository Times 2011;122 455-456

Book Review: Baptized in the Spirit -- for the Second Time!: James D.G.
Dunn, Baptism in the Holy Spirit: A Re-examination of the New Testament
Teaching on the Gift of the Spirit in Relation to Pentecostalism Today (2nd
ed.; London: SCM, 2010. {pound}25.00. pp. xxi + 248. ISBN:
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2011;122 455

Book Review: The Theologically Useful Peter?: Martin Hengel, Saint Peter:
The Underestimated Apostle (trans. Thomas H. Trapp; Grand Rapids, Michigan:
Eerdmans, 2010. {pound}1.99/$18.00. pp. xiv + 161. ISBN: 978-0-8028-2718-0)
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2011;122 456-457

Book Review: The Influence of Women Religious in Nineteenth Century
Catholicism: S. Karly Kehoe, Creating a Scottish Church, (Manchester:
Manchester University Press, 2010. {pound}60.00. pp. 206. ISBN:
Stephen J. Mckinney
The Expository Times 2011;122 457-459

Book Review: Art and Modernity: George Pattison, Crucifixions and
Resurrections of the Image: Reflections on Art and Modernity (London: SCM
Press, 2009. {pound}19.99. pp. viii + 192. ISBN: 978-0-334-04341-6)
Jason Wardley
The Expository Times 2011;122 459-460

Book Review: A Gardener's Vade Mecum: M. Bockmuehl and G.M. Stroumsa (eds),
Paradise in Antiquity, Jewish and Christian Views (Cambridge: CUP, 2010.
{pound}55.00/$95.00. pp. xii +260. ISBN 978-0-521-11786-9)
N. Wyatt
The Expository Times 2011;122 460

Book Review: God's Love and Human Suffering: Eleonore Stump, Wandering in
Darkness: Narrative and the Problem of Suffering (Oxford: OUP, 2010.
{pound}55.00. pp. 668. ISBN: 978-0-19-927742-1)
Richard Swinburne
The Expository Times 2011;122 460-461

Book Review: Biblical Hermeneutics in the Caribbean: Oral Thomas, Biblical
Resistance Hermeneutics within a Caribbean Context (London & Oakville:
Equinox, 2010. {pound}16.99/$32.95.pp. 238. ISBN: 978-1-84553-657-2)
Judith Soares
The Expository Times 2011;122 461-462

Book Review: Rehabilitating the Catholic Epistles: Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr and
Robert W. Wall (eds), The Catholic Epistles and Apostolic Tradition: A New
Perspective on James to Jude (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2009.
$69.95. pp. x+ 536. ISBN: 978-1-60258-215-6)
Jane Heath
The Expository Times 2011;122 463

Book Review: Parallelomania or Indispensible Research Tool?: James P. Ware,
Synopsis of the Pauline Letters in Greek and English (Grand Rapids, MI.:
Baker, 2010. $49.99. pp. xxxi + 317. ISBN: 978-0-8010-3889)
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2011;122 463-464

Book Review: Insignificant Progenitors?: Richard Fox Young (ed.), India and
the Indianness of Christianity: Essays on Understanding- Historical,
Theological, and Bibliographical - in Honor of Robert Eric Frykenberg
(Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2009. {pound}29.99. pp. 294. ISBN:
Robin Boyd
The Expository Times 2011;122 464-465

Book Review: Paideia Commentary On Matthew: Charles H. Talbert, Matthew,
Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker
Academic, 2010. $29.99. pp. xxiii + 376. ISBN: 978-0-8010-3192-2)
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2011;122 465

Book Review: The Sexual Challenge: Peter Vardy, The Puzzle of Sex (London:
SCM, 2009. {pound}9.99. pp. 243. ISBN: 978-0-334-04205-1)
Nigel Zimmermann
The Expository Times 2011;122 466

Index of Books Reviewed

The Expository Times 2011;122 467

And Finally...
Richard Holloway
The Expository Times 2011;122 468

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