Monday, May 23, 2011

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures vol.11 article 9 (2011)

Ellen van Wolde and Robert Rezetko, "Semantics and the Semantics of ברא: A
Rejoinder to the Arguments Advanced by B. Becking and M. Korpel"


Becking and Korpel argued that ברא should be construed as "to construct."
Van Wolde and Rezetko respond to their arguments with a critical review of
earlier biblical studies, reflections on biblical and extra-biblical
semantics including studies of verbs expressing "separation-events,"
etymological studies including evidence from Samaritan texts, and a more
complete analysis of various Biblical Hebrew verbs and proper names. These
studies lead to the conclusion that Van Wolde's proposal that ברא should be
construed as "to spatially separate" remains a viable explanation for the
semantics of this verb.

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