Friday, September 16, 2011

Journal of Biblical and Pneumatological Research-Volume 3

GALEN L. GOLDSMITH, The Cutting Edge of Prophetic Imagery

REBECCA SKAGGS and THOMAS DOYLE, The Audio/Visual Motif in the Apocalypse of John through the Lens of Rhetorical Analysis

DAVID SEAL, Sensitivity to Aural Elements of a Text: Some Acoustical Elements in Revelation

SIMO FRESTADIUS, The Spirit and Wisdom in 1 Corinthians 2:1–13

R. KEITH WHITT, Righteousness and Characteristics of Yahweh

VANTHANH NGUYEN, S.V.D., Luke's Point of View of the Gentile Mission: The Test Case of Acts 11:1–18

LYLE STORY, Luke's Instructive Dynamics for Resolving Conflicts: The Jerusalem Council

Review of Christopher L. Carter, The Great Sermon Tradition as a Fiscal Framework in 1 Corinthians: Towards a Pauline Theology of Material Possessions (R. G. dela Cruz)

Review of Robert P. Debelek, Jr., Hidden in Plain Sight: Esther and a Marginalized Hermeneutic (A. Kay Fountain)

Review of Reinhard Feldmeier, The First Letter of Peter: A Commentary on the Greek Text (Rebecca Skaggs and Thomas Doyle)

Review of Rodrigo J. Morales, The Spirit and the Restoration of Israel: New Exodus and New Creation Motifs in Galatians (James C. Miller)

Review of Robin Routledge, Old Testament Theology: A Thematic Approach (Andrew Davies)

Review of John C. Poirier, The Tongues of Angels: The Concept of Angelic Languages in Classical Jewish and Christian Texts (Russell P. Spittler)

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