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JBL 130/4, winter 2011

Volume 130, Number 4 / Winter 2011 of Journal of Biblical Literature is now available on the website at
This issue contains:
Echoes of Gilgamesh in the Jacob Storyp. 625
Esther J. Hamori
The Origin and Interpretation of ṣāra'at in Leviticus 13-14p. 643
Joel S. Baden, Candida R. Moss
Lions, Serpents, and Lion-Serpents in Job 28:8 and Beyondp. 663
Scott C. Jones
The History and Linguistic Background of Two Hebrew Titles for the High Priestp. 687
Noam Mizrahi
Paul, the Goddess Religions, and Queer Sects: Romans 1:23–28p. 707
Jeramy Townsley
An Unworthy Foe: Heroic "Eθη, Trickery, and an Insult in Ephesians 6:11p. 729
Jeffrey R. Asher
The Usefulness of an Onesimus: The Sexual Use of Slaves and Paul's Letter to Philemonp. 749
Joseph A. Marchal
Were the Early Christians Sectarians?p. 771
Eyal Regev
Apocalypticism or Prophecy and the Problem of Polyvalence: Lessons from the Gospel of Thomasp. 795
Stephen J. Patterson
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