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J Semitic Studies 57/1

Journal of Semitic Studies Table of Contents Alert
Vol. 57, No. 1
Spring 2012
Cognitive Foundations of the Old Babylonian Iparras
Alexander Andrason
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:1-23.
The Origin of the Biblical Hebrew Infinitive Construct
Yoo-Ki Kim
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:25-35.
Two New Nabataean Inscriptions from Wadi Musa, with Discussion of Gaia
and the Marzeah
Zeyad Al-Salameen and Hani Falahat
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:37-51.
'For Ahata-de-'abuh daughter of Imma', Two Aramaic Incantation Bowls in
the Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin (VA 2414 and VA 2426)
J.N. Ford and Dan Levene
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:53-67.
The Pact (amana) between Mulhringawiya ibn Abi Sufyan and lhringAmr ibn
al-lhringAs (656 or 658 CE): 'Documents' and the Islamic Historical
Andrew Marsham
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:69-96.
Yusuf b. Ibrahim b. Al-Daya (3rd/9th c.): A Study into his Life and Works
J. Bruning
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:97-120.
Women Painting: Use of Colour in the Works of Raja' Bakriyya
Dorit Gottesfeld
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:121-144.
The Prolegomena to Sabur Ibn Sahl's Small Dispensatory
Oliver Kahl
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:145-163.
HAYIM BEN YOSEF TAWIL, An Akkadian Lexical Companion for Biblical Hebrew.
Etymological-Semantic and Idiomatic Equivalents with Supplement on
Biblical Aramaic.
Wilfred G.E. Watson
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:165-167.
Emar among the Late Bronze Age Empires. History, Landscape, and Society:
Proceedings of the Konstanz Emar Conference, 25.-26.04. 2006 (AOAT 349).
Wilfred G.E. Watson
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:167-170.
DOUGLAS J. GREEN, "I Undertook Great Works": The Ideology of Domestic
Achievements in West Semitic Royal Inscriptions (Forschungen zum Alten
Testament 2 Reihe 41).
Roger Tomes
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:170-172.
ROBERT K. RITNER, The Libyan Anarchy: Inscriptions from Egypt's Third
Intermediate Period, Translated with an Introduction and Notes, edited by
Edward Wente (Writings from the Ancient World 21).
K.A. Kitchen
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:172-173.
ALEJANDRO F. BOTTA, The Aramaic and Egyptian Legal Traditions at
Elephantine: An Egyptological Approach (Library of Second Temple Studies
Baruch A. Levine
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:173-176.
JOSEPH BLENKINSOPP, Judaism the First Phase: The Place of Ezra and
Nehemiah in the Origins of Judaism.
Zev Farber
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:176-177.
SCOTT J. NOEGEL and GARY A. RENDSBURG, Solomon's Vineyard: Literary and
Linguistic Studies in the Song of Songs (Ancient Israel and Its
Literature 1).
Francis Landy
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:177-180.
PHILIP PETER JENSON, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah: A Theological Commentary
(Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies 496).
Russell Earl Fuller
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:180-182.
C.G. HABERL, The Neo-Mandaic Dialect of Khorramshahr (Semitica Viva 45).
Matthew Morgenstern
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:182-185.
DELAMARTER, Catalogue of the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project: Volume
1, Codices 1-105, Magic Scrolls 1-134. (Ethiopic Manuscripts, Texts, and
Studies Series 1). STEVE DELAMARTER and MELAKU TEREFE, Ethiopian Scribal
Practice 1: Plates for the Catalogue of the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging
Project (Ethiopic Manuscripts, Texts, and Studies Series 2).
Michael Knibb
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:185-186.
RONNY MEYER, Das Zay: Deskriptive Grammatik einer Ostguragesprache
(Athiosemitisch) (Grammatical Analyses of African Languages 25). RONNY
MEYER, Wolane: Descriptive Grammar of an East Gurage Language
(Ethiosemitic) (Grammatical Analyses of African Languages 31).
Aaron D. Rubin
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:186-189.
BARBARA JANDL, Altsudarabische Inschriften auf Metall (Epigraphische
Forschungen auf der Arabischen Halbinsel, Band 4).
Alessandra Avanzini
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:189-191.
PETER STEIN, Die altsudarabischen Minuskelinschriften auf Holzstabchen
aus der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek in Munchen. Band 1. Die Inschriften
der mittel- und spatsabaischen Periode. 1. Teil: Text, 2. Teil:
Verzeichnisse und Tafeln. Epigraphische Forschungen auf der Arabischen
Halbinsel Band 5.
Orhan Elmaz
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:191-193.
ADAM GACEK, Arabic Manuscripts: a Vademecum for Readers (Handbook of
Oriental Studies, Section 1, The Near and Middle East, volume 98).
Paul Auchterlonie
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:193-195.
FABIAN KAS, Die Mineralien in der arabischen Pharmakognosie: Eine
Konkordanz zur mineralischen Materia medica der klassischen arabischen
Heilmittelkunde nebst uberlieferungsgeschichtlichen Studien
(Veroffentlichungen der Orientalischen Kommission der Akademie der
Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Mainz, Band 54).
Oliver Kahl
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:195-198.
Short Notes
KEVIN J. CATHCART (ed.). The Correspondence of Edward Hincks.
John F. Healey
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:199.
LOREN R. FISHER, Tales from Ancient Egypt: The Birth of Stories.
George J. Brooke
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:200.
CAROLE ROCHE, (ed.), D'Ougarit a Jerusalem. Recueil d'etudes
epigraphiques et archeolo giques offert a Pierre Bordreuil (Orient et
Mediterranee 2).
John F. Healey
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:200-201.
JOSEPH NAVEH, Studies in West-Semitic Epigraphy: Selected Papers.
John F. Healey
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:201.
FRANCESCA STAVRAKOPOLOU and JOHN BARTON (eds), Religious Diversity in
Ancient Israel and Judah.
Walter Moberly
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:201-202.
BARUCH HALPERN (ed. MATTHEW J. ADAMS), From Gods to God: The Dynamics of
Iron Age Cosmologies (Forschungen zum Alten Testament 63).
Walter Moberly
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:202-203.
JENNIE R. EBELING, Women's Lives in Biblical Times.
Jenni Williams
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:203-204.
JASON RADINE, The Book of Amos in Emergent Judah (Fohrschungen zum Alten
Testament 2 Reihe 45).
Hilary Marlow
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:204-205.
GERMANO GALVAGNO, Sulle vestigia di Giacobbe: Le riletture sacerdotali e
post-sacerdotali dell'itinerario del patriarca. (Analecta Biblica 178).
George J. Brooke
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:205.
SOREN HOLST, Verbs and War Scroll: Studies in the Hebrew Verbal System
and the Qumran War Scroll (Studia Semitica Upsaliensia 25).
George J. Brooke
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:205-206.
DAVID FLUSSER, Judaism of the Second Temple Period. Volume 2: The Jewish
Sages and Their Literature.
George J. Brooke
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:206.
JOHN J. COLLINS and DANIEL C. HARLOW (eds), The Eerdmans Dictionary of
Early Judaism.
John F. Healey
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:206-207.
JOEL M. LEMON and KENT HAROLD RICHARDS (eds), Method Matters: Essays on
the Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in Honor of David L. Petersen
(Resources for Biblical Study 56).
George J. Brooke
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:207-208.
HENNING GRAF REVENTLOW, History of Biblical Interpretation. Volume 1:
From the Old Testament to Origen; Volume 2: From Late Antiquity to the
End of the Middle Ages; Volume 3: Renaissance, Reformation, Humanism;
Volume 4: From the Enlightenment to the Twentieth Century. (SBL Resources
for Biblical Study 50; 61; 62; 63).
George J. Brooke
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:208-209.
Le martyrion Saint-Jean dans la moyenne vallee de l'Euphrate. Fouilles de
la Direction Generale des Antiquites a Nabgha au nord-est de Jarablus
(Documents d'archeologie syrienne XIII).
John F. Healey
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:209.
GEORGE BOHAS, Un poete syriaque contemporain: Hanna Bahnan.
Sebastian Brock
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:209-210.
M.C.A. MACDONALD, Literacy and Identity in Pre-Islamic Arabia (Variorum
Collected Studies Series CS906).
John F. Healey
J Semitic Studies 2012 57:210-211.*

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