Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Articles and Reviews in JHS

Kåre BERGE, "Literacy, Utopia and Memory: Is There a
Public Teaching in Deuteronomy?"

Abstract: The "teaching program" in Deuteronomy
presupposes a degree of general literacy that goes beyond
what was possible at the time of its production. This
article investigates the possibility of seeing this program
as a utopia meant for the reading elite rather than for the
public. This is a desire in which "historically situated
actors seek to reimagine their present and transform it into
a plausible future". It is a vision of a reading community
based on the explication of the Book of the Torah of Moses.

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Oded LIPSCHITS, "Archaeological Facts, Historical
Speculations and the Date of the LMLK Storage Jars: A
Rejoinder to David Ussishkin"

Abstract: Two substantially different approaches concerning
the phenomenon of the Judahite stamped jars, as well as
about underlying methodologies for their study, have been
advanced in recent research. This article documents the
points of dispute and discusses their implications for
critical assessments of the connections between
archaeological facts and their interpretation along with
their general significance regarding our understanding of
the history of Judah in the late 8th and 7th centuries BCE.

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Also, I am glad to announce the following reviews in the
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures:

1. Dozeman, Thomas B., Exodus (ECC; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans,
2009). (Reviewed by William Morrow).
2. Gärtner-Brereton, Luke, The Ontology of Space in
Biblical Hebrew Narrative: The Determinate Function of
Narrative "Space" within the Biblical Hebrew Aesthetic
(BibleWorld; Oakville, CT; Equinox, 2008). (Reviewed by
Robert C. Kashow).
3. Hackett, Jo Ann, A Basic Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
(Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson, 2010). (Reviewed by Jason
4. Hagedorn, Anselm C. and Andrew Mein, eds., Aspects of
Amos: Exegesis and Interpretation (LHBOTS, 536; New
York/London: T&T Clark, 2011). (Reviewed by M. Daniel
Carroll R.).
5. Zahn, Molly M., Rethinking Rewritten Scripture:
Composition and Exegesis in the 4QReworked Pentateuch
Manuscripts (STDJ, 95; Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2011).
(Reviewed by William A. Tooman).

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