Thursday, December 20, 2012

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures latest

I am glad to announce the publication of three new articles
in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

Isaac B. GOTTLIEB, "Medieval Jewish Exegesis on Dual

Abstract: This article examines the treatment of dual
incipits in the Pentateuch by various representatives of
medieval Jewish exegesis. Were dual openings identified as
such? What explanations did those exegetes offer for dual
formulae? The article contrasts the approach of medieval
exegetes with contemporary scholarship, focusing on four
instances of dual incipit in the Pentateuch: Exod 19:1–2;
35:1–5; Lev 16:1–2 and 23:1–4.

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Israel KNOHL, "Psalm 68: Structure, Composition and

Abstract: This article discusses the composition, structure,
and geography of Ps 68. An earlier form of the psalm is
preserved in verses 5-34; the framing verses were added by
the scribes responsible for the "Elohistic" Psalter. Ps
68:5-34 is characterized by a numerical pattern of 70 cola
arranged concentrically. Contrary to the prevalent view, the
psalm is not about the rivalry between mountains.
"Sinai," in this psalm, is not the name of a mountain
but a divine name, and the battle referred to takes place in
the area between Mt Bashan-Hermon and Mt Zalmon, i.e., in
the Golan Heights.

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Davida CHARNEY, "Keeping the Faithful: Persuasive
Strategies in Psalms 4 and 62."

Abstract: Two pieces of rhetorical theory support reading
Pss 4 and 62 as arguments to strayers to return to
faithfulness. First, amplitude is devoted to direct address
of strayers and directives for returning. Second, with
positive identification, speakers connect to hearers with
shared experiences and values; with negative identification,
speakers repel hearers away from rivals by painting them as
radical extremists. Modern rhetorical theory proves useful
for addressing contested elements of the psalms.

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Also, I am glad to announce the publication of several new
reviews in JHS:

Van Seters, John, The Biblical Saga of King David (Winona
Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2009). (Reviewed by David B.

Stead, Michael R., The Intertextuality of Zechariah 1–8
(LHBOTS, 506; London: T&T Clark, 2009). (Reviewed by Garrick
V. Allen).

Ben Zvi, Ehud and Diana V. Edelman (eds.), What Was
Authoritative for Chronicles? (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns,
2011). (Reviewed by Paul L. Redditt).

Kalimi, Isaac (ed.), Jewish Bible Theology: Perspectives and
Case Studies (Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2012). (Reviewed
by Joseph Ryan Kelly).

Assis, Elie, Flashes of Fire: A Literary Analysis of the
Song of Songs (LHBOTS, 503; London: T&T Clark, 2009).
(Reviewed by Richard S. Hess).

Nam, Roger S., Portrayals of Economic Exchange in the Book
of Kings (BIS, 112; Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2012). (Reviewed
by Oded Lipschits and Ido Koch).

Stone, M. E., Ancient Judaism: New Visions and Views (Grand
Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2011). (Reviewed by Anthony R. Meyer).

Hagelia, Hallvard, Three Old Testament Theologies for Today:
Helge S. Kvanvig, Walter Brueggemann and Erhard
Gerstenberger (HBM, 44; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2012).
(Reviewed by James K. Mead).

Hornsby, Teresa J. and Ken Stone (eds.), Bible Trouble:
Queer Readings at the Boundaries of Biblical Scholarship
(Semeia Studies, 67; Atlanta, GA: Society of Biblical
Literature, 2011). (Reviewed by Steven J. Schweitzer).

Ulrich, Eugene and Peter W. Flint, with a contribution by
Martin G. Abegg, Jr., Qumran Cave 1, II: The Isaiah Scrolls.
Part 1: Plates and Transcriptions; Part 2: Introductions,
Commentary, and Textual Variants (DJD, XXXII; Oxford:
Clarendon, 2010). (Reviewed by Robert D. Holmstedt).

Goldingay, John and Pamela J. Scalise, Minor Prophets II
(NIBCOT; Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson, 2009). (Reviewed by
Robert C. Kashow).

Thomas, Matthew A., These are the Generations: Identity,
Covenant and the 'Toledot' Formula (LHBOTS, 551; New
York: T&T Clark, 2011). (Reviewed by Carol Kaminski).

Lim, Timothy H. and John J. Collins (eds.), The Oxford
Handbook of the Dead Sea Scrolls (OHRT; Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2010). (Reviewed by Eileen M. Schuller).

Joyce, Paul M. and Andrew Mein (eds.), After Ezekiel: Essays
on the Reception of A Difficult Prophet (LHBOTS, 535; New
York: T&T Clark, 2011). (Reviewed by Risa Levitt Kohn).

Moore, Megan Bishop and Brad E. Kelle, Biblical History and
Israel's Past: The Changing Study of the Bible and History
(Grand Rapids, MI and Cambridge, UK: W. B. Eerdmans, 2011).
(Reviewed by John Van Seters).

Franke, Chris and Julia M. O'Brien (eds.), The Aesthetics of
Violence in the Prophets (LHBOTS, 517; New York: T&T Clark,
2010). (Reviewed by Joel Barker).

Theocharous, Myrto, Lexical Dependence and Intertextual
Allusion in the Septuagint of the Twelve Prophets: Studies
in Hosea, Amos and Micah (LHBOTS, 570; London: T&T Clark,
2012). (Reviewed by W. Edward Glenny).

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