Tuesday, April 9, 2013

JBL 132.1

JBL 132.1 is posted

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A Vision of Divine Justice: The Resurrection of Jesus in Eastern Christian Iconography
John Dominic Crossan

Four Inner-Biblical Interpretations of Genesis 49:10: On the Lexical and Syntactic Ambiguities of 'Ad as Reflected in the Prophecies of Nathan, Ahijah, Ezekiel, and Zechariah
Richard C. Steiner

The Mtnb'wt in Ezekiel 13 Reconsidered
Jonathan Stökl

The Problem of Time in Joel
Ronald L. Troxel

Already/ Not Yet: Eschatological Tension in the Book of Tobit 
Jill Hicks-Keeton

Can Ahiqar Tell Us Anything about Personified Wisdom?
Seth A. Bledsoe

Ben Sira, the Genesis Creation Accounts, and the Knowledge of God's Will
Shane Berg 

P. Duk. inv. 727r: New Evidence for the Meaning and Provenance of the Word Proselutos 
David M. Moffitt and C. Jacob Butera 

Markan Discipleship according to Malachi: The Significance of me apostereses in the Story of the Rich Man (Mark 10:17-22)
Richard Hicks

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