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The Expository Times 124/11

August 2013; Vol. 124, No. 11
URL: http://ext.sagepub.com/content/vol124/issue11/?etoc


Thomas F. Torrance's theology of ministry and the pressing issues of today
Iain R. Torrance
The Expository Times 2013;124 521-529

Did David Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight? Literary and Historical
Considerations in Interpreting David's Victory over Goliath
Benjamin J. M. Johnson
The Expository Times 2013;124 530-537

A Sermon to mark the 50th Anniversary of Honest to God
Very Revd Philip Buckler
The Expository Times 2013;124 538-540

Book of the Month

Acts in Time and Space
Matthew Sleeman
The Expository Times 2013;124 541-543

Sermons for the Christian Year

1st September: Proper 17: Luke 14. 1-2, 7-11
Eric McKimmon
The Expository Times 2013;124 544-545

8th September: Proper 18: Jeremiah 18. 1-12; Luke 14. 25-35
Russell Barr
The Expository Times 2013;124 545-547

15th September: Proper 19: Exodus 32. 7-14; Psalm 51. 1-10; 1 Timothy 1.
12-17; Luke 15. 1-10
Scott Cowdell
The Expository Times 2013;124 547-549

22nd September: Proper 20: 1 Timothy 2.1-7
Dillon T. Thornton
The Expository Times 2013;124 549-551

29th September: Proper 21: Amos 6.1a, 4-7; 1Timothy 6.6-19; Luke 16.19-31
Marjory A. MacLean
The Expository Times 2013;124 551-553

Prayers for September

Prayers for September
Heather Thomson
The Expository Times 2013;124 554-555

Book Reviews

Book Review: Virtues for Everyday Life: Michael W. Austin and R. Douglas
Geivett (eds.), Being Good: Christian Virtues for Everyday Life
David Cowan
The Expository Times 2013;124 556

Book Review: Preaching As Truth-Telling: Walter Brueggemann, Truth-Telling
as Subversive Obedience
David Allen
The Expository Times 2013;124 557

Book Review: Commentary On 2 Maccabees: Robert Doran, 2 Maccabees
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2013;124 557-558

Book Review: A Theological Commentary on Song of Songs: Paul J. Griffiths,
Song of Songs: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible
L.G. Wisley
The Expository Times 2013;124 558

Book Review: Ancient Life-Writing: Thomas Hagg, The Art of Biography in
Jane Heath
The Expository Times 2013;124 559

Book Review: Is Scripture Still Holy? A.E. Harvey, Is Scripture Still Holy?
Coming of Age with the New Testament
Christopher Tuckett
The Expository Times 2013;124 559-560

Book Review: Behold! A new hebrew grammar: Rahel Halabe, Hinneh: Biblical
Hebrew the Practical Way
Kurtis Peters
The Expository Times 2013;124 560-561

Book Review: Essays on Orality and Memory in Honor of Werner Kelber:
Richard A. Horsley, Jonathan A. Draper and John Miles Foley (eds.),
Performing the Gospel: Orality, Memory, and Mark
John Lee
The Expository Times 2013;124 561-562

Book Review: Especially for preachers: David Lyle Jeffrey, Luke - Brazos
Theological Commentary on the Bible
I. Howard Marshall
The Expository Times 2013;124 562-563

Book Review: Devotional in European Christianity, 1790-1960: Henning
Laugerud & Salvador Ryan (eds), Devotional Cultures of European
Christianity, 1790-1960
Mark Elliott
The Expository Times 2013;124 563

Book Review: Training Ministers: Tim Ling and Lesley Bentley (eds.),
Developing Faithful Ministers: A Practical and Theological Handbook
Jonathan Grenz
The Expository Times 2013;124 563-564

Book Review: Plants of the Bible: Lytton John Musselman, A Dictionary of
Bible Plants
Jane Heath
The Expository Times 2013;124 564-565

Book Review: Constantine and the Christian Empire: Charles Matson Odahl,
Constantine and the Christian Empire
David Greenwood
The Expository Times 2013;124 565-566

Book Review: Trauma and Disaster Studies and the Book of Jeremiah: Kathleen
M. O'Connor, Jeremiah: Pain and Promise
Samuel Hildebrant
The Expository Times 2013;124 566

Book Review: Comprehensive Commentary on Isaiah 40-66: Shalom Paul, Isaiah
40-66: Translation and Commentary
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer
The Expository Times 2013;124 566-567

Book Review: Wrestling Without End: Carolyn J. Sharp, Wrestling the Word:
The Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Believer
Iain Provan
The Expository Times 2013;124 567-568

Book Review: Hunting Theology: Pete Ward (ed.), Perspectives on
Ecclesiology and Ethnology
Eric Stoddard
The Expository Times 2013;124 568-569

Book Review: Humans and Angels at Worship: Walter D. Ray, Tasting Heaven on
Earth: Worship in Sixth-Century Constantinople
David Grumett
The Expository Times 2013;124 569

Index of Books Reviewed

Index of Books Reviewed

The Expository Times 2013;124 570-571

And Finally ...

And Finally ...
Johnston McKay
The Expository Times 2013;124 572

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