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Journal of Biblical Literature 132/4

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Volume 132, Number 4 / Winter 2013 of Journal of Biblical Literature is now available on the jbl.metapress.comwebsite at
This issue contains:
Blaming Eve Alone: Translation, Omission, and Implications of המע in Genesis 3:6bp. 729
Julie Faith Parker
Sacred Spaces, Objects, Offerings, and People in the Priestly Texts: A Reappraisalp. 749
Michael B. Hundley
Transjordan in Deuteronomy: The Promised Land and the Formation of the Pentateuchp. 769
Angela Roskop Erisman
Divine Fire in Deuteronomy 33:2p. 791
Theodore J. Lewis
Joel, Jonah, and the Yhwh Creed: Determining the Trajectory of the Literary Influencep. 805
Joseph Ryan Kelly
The Prophet and the Necromancer: Women's Divination for Kingsp. 827
Esther J. Hamori
Corporeal Discourse in the Book of Jobp. 845
Scott C. Jones
Yhwh's Hand and the Iconography of the Blow in Psalm 81:14-16p. 865
Joel M. LeMon
Yhwh's Battle against Chaos in Ezekiel: The Transformation of Judahite Mythology for a New Situationp. 883
C. A. Strine, C. L. Crouch
The Song of Miriam (4Q365 6a ii + 6c 1-7) Revisitedp. 905
Ariel Feldman
Foreshadowing, Echoes, and the Blasphemy at the Cross (Mark 15:29)p. 913
Joel F. Williams
Jesus as the Davidic Temple Builder and Peter's Priestly Role in Matthew 16:16-19p. 935
Michael Patrick Barber
"Why Do You Call Me 'Master'…?" Q 6:46, the Inaugural Sermon, and the Demands of Discipleshipp. 955
Simon J. Joseph

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