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Expository Times 125/8

The Expository Times
May 2014; Vol. 125, No. 8


Ethics and Standards in Medicine ? much more than abortion and euthanasia
Bryan Vernon
The Expository Times 2014; 125:365-374 doi:10.1177/0014524613508037

Understanding Death beyond Religion in the Thought of John Shelby Spong
Corneliu C. Simu?
The Expository Times 2014; 125:375-382 doi:10.1177/0014524613505263

Review Article

Reception Exegesis of Lamentations: A Review Article
John Riches
The Expository Times 2014; 125:383-387 doi:10.1177/0014524614526498

Book of the Month

Evangelicalism in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
Andrew Atherstone
The Expository Times 2014; 125:388-389 doi:10.1177/0014524614524145

Sermons for the Christian Year

1^st June: Ascension Sunday: Ephesians 1.15-23; Luke 24. 44-53
Russell Barr
The Expository Times 2014; 125:390-392 doi:10.1177/0014524614528086

8^th June: Pentecost: Acts 2.1-21
Marjory MacLean
The Expository Times 2014; 125:392-393 doi:10.1177/0014524614528086a

15th June: Trinity Sunday: 2 Corinthians 13.11-13; Matthew 28.16-20
Donald MacEwan
The Expository Times 2014; 125:394-395 doi:10.1177/0014524614528086b

22^nd June: Proper 7: Matthew 10.24-39
Joseph S. Pagano
The Expository Times 2014; 125:396-398 doi:10.1177/0014524614528086c

29th June: Proper 8: Jeremiah 28. 5-9; Psalm 89. 1-4, 15-18; Romans 6.
12-23; Matthew 10. 40-42
Scott Cowdell
The Expository Times 2014; 125:398-400 doi:10.1177/0014524614528086d

Prayers for June

Prayers for June
Julie Woods
The Expository Times 2014; 125:401-402 doi:10.1177/0014524614528085

Book Reviews

Book Review: Bernhard W. Anderson?s Contours of ot Theology: Bernhard W.
Anderson, Contours of Old Testament Theology
Samuel Hildebrandt
The Expository Times 2014; 125:403 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140

Book Review: A True Enlightener: Oswald Bayer, A Contemporary in Dissent:
Johann Georg Hamann as a Radical Enlightener
Bradley M. Penner
The Expository Times 2014; 125:403-404 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140a

Book Review: Jewish and Christian Perspectives on the Jewishness of
Jesus: Bruce Chilton, Anthony Le Donne, and Jacob Neusner (eds),
Soundings in the Religion of Jesus: Perspectives and Methods in Jewish
and Christian Scholarship
Michael F. Bird
The Expository Times 2014; 125:404-405 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140b

Book Review: The Non-Canonical Gospels and John: J. Andrew Doole, What
was Mark for Matthew? An Examination of Matthew?s Relationship and
Attitude to his Primary Source
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2014; 125:405 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140c

Book Review: Alexandria: Tobias Georges, Felix Albrecht and Reinhard
Feldmeier (eds), Manuel Kaden and Christoph Martsch (mitarb.), Alexandria
Jane Heath
The Expository Times 2014; 125:406 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140d

Book Review: Spreading the Gospel: Michael J. Gilmour, The Gospel
According to Bob Dylan: The Old, Old Story for Modern Times
Caroline Blyth
The Expository Times 2014; 125:406-407 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140e

Book Review: Textual Criticism on the Basis of Thoroughgoing Principles:
J. K. Elliott, New Testament Textual Criticism: The Application of
Thoroughgoing Principles
Juan Hernández
The Expository Times 2014; 125:407-408 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140f

Book Review: Selective and Speculative: Marian Hillar, From Logos to
Trinity: The Evolution of Religious Beliefs from Pythagoras to Tertullian
Deborah Casewell
The Expository Times 2014; 125:408-409 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140g

Book Review: Jewish and Christian Attitudes to Gentiles: David G.
Horrell, Becoming Christian: Essays on 1 Peter and the Making of
Christian Identity
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2014; 125:409-410 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140h

Book Review: Is there an atheist morality? Craig Hovey, What Makes Us
Moral? Science, Religion, and the shaping of the moral landscape: A
Christian response to Sam Harris
Mark Harris
The Expository Times 2014; 125:410 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140i

Book Review: The Unity of the Bible in the Promise-Plan of God: Walter C.
Kaiser Jr, Recovering the Unity of the Bible: One Continuous Story, Plan
and Purpose
Jesse Nicke
The Expository Times 2014; 125:410-411 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140j

Book Review: Leadership Styles in Ministry: Keith Lamdin, Finding Your
Leadership Style
Aaron Janklow
The Expository Times 2014; 125:411-412 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140k

Book Review: Paul?s Gospel and the Structure of 1 Corinthians: Matthew R.
Malcolm, Paul and the Rhetoric of Reversal in 1 Corinthians: The Impact
of Paul?s Gospel on His Macro-Rhetoric
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2014; 125:412-413 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140l

Book Review: Multiple Originals? Gary D. Martin, Multiple Originals: New
Approaches to Hebrew Bible Textual Criticism
Taylor Ince
The Expository Times 2014; 125:413 doi:10.1177/0014524614524140m

Index of Books Reviewed

Index of Books Reviewed
The Expository Times 2014; 125:414-415 doi:10.1177/0014524614528161

And Finally?

And Finally? A Drunk Man Looks at an Epistle
John L. Bell
The Expository Times 2014; 125:416 doi:10.1177/0014524614521753

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