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Expository Times 125/9

The Expository Times
June 2014; Vol. 125, No. 9


 Why Does New Testament Textual Criticism Matter? Refined Definitions and
 Fresh Directions
 Eldon Jay Epp
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:417-431 doi:10.1177/0014524614530796

 The Antioch Incident and a Textual Variant: ??????? or ??????? in
 Galatians 2:12
 David I. Yoon
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:432-439 doi:10.1177/0014524613490369

Book of the Month

 The Greek Old Testament as Christian Scripture
 Sean A. Adams
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:440-441 doi:10.1177/0014524614524146

Sermons for the Christian Year

 6th July: Proper 9: Matthew 11.16-19, 25-30
 Amy Richter
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:442-444 doi:10.1177/0014524614530251

 13^th July: Proper 10: Isaiah 55.10-13; Psalm 65.1-13; Romans 8.1-11;
 Matthew 13.1-9, 18-23
 Andrew Bowyer
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:444-446 doi:10.1177/0014524614530251a

 20^th July: Proper 11: Isaiah 44.6-8; Romans 8.12-25; Matthew 13.24-30,
 Alan Le Grys
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:447-448 doi:10.1177/0014524614530251b

 27th July: Proper 12: Matthew 13. 31-33, 44-50
 Dillon T. Thornton
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:449-450 doi:10.1177/0014524614530251c

Prayers for July

 Prayers for July
 Douglas Stevenson
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:451-453 doi:10.1177/0014524614530250

Book Reviews

 Book Review: Reception and Interpretation of Matthew and Mark: Eve-Marie
 Becker and Anders Runesson (eds), Mark and Matthew II: Comparative
 Readings: Reception History, Cultural Hermeneutics, and Theology
 Paul Foster
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:454 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141

 Book Review: Supplemental Lexicon to the Septuagint: Gary Alan
 Chamberlain, The Greek of the Septuagint: A Supplemental Lexicon
 A.G. Salvesen
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:454-455 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141a

 Book Review: Reconstructing the Adamic Myth in the Gospels: Ignatius
 Jesudasan, S.J., Gospels of Deconstructed Adamic Myth
 Chris Winchester
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:455-456 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141b

 Book Review: Sex, Love and Justice Seeking: Todd A. Salzman & Michael G.
 Lawler, Sexual Ethics: A Theological Introduction
 Lisa Isherwood
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:456-457 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141c

 Book Review: A New, Old Commentary on Numbers-Ruth: Tremper Longman III &
 David E. Garland (eds), The Expositor?s Bible Commentary: Numbers to Ruth
 Taylor Ince
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:457-458 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141d

 Book Review: A Narrative Approach to Luke 7:18?35: Roberto Martínez, The
 Question of John the Baptist and Jesus? Indictment of the Religious
 Leaders: A Critical Analysis of Luke 7:18-35
 Michael Hölscher
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:458 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141e

 Book Review: The Use of Genesis in the New Testament: Maarten J.J. Menken
 and Steve Moyise (eds), Genesis in the New Testament
 Paul Foster
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:458-459 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141f

 Book Review: An invaluable piece of the tapestry of Christian exegesis:
 Richard A. Norris Jr (trans.), Gregory of Nyssa: Homilies on the Song of
 Sophie Cartwright
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:459-460 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141g

 Book Review: Kierkegaard and Theology: The Then and the Now: George
 Pattison, Kierkegaard and the Theology of the Nineteenth Century: The
 Paradox and the ?Point of Contact?
 Simon D. Podmore
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:460-461 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141h

 Book Review: Divine Sonship in the Roman World: Michael Peppard, The Son
 of God in the Roman World: Divine Sonship in its Social and Political
 Larry W. Hurtado
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:461-462 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141i

 Book Review: And Mother Comes Too: Tim Perry and Daniel Kendall, SJ, The
 Blessed Virgin Mary
 John Armes
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:462 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141j

 Book Review: Theology, scripture and migration: Jean-Pierre Ruiz,
 Readings From the Edges: The Bible and People on the Move
 Aaron Janklow
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:463 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141k

 Book Review: A church shaped by debate, the Person of Christ revisited:
 Alan P. F. Sell, Christ and Controversy: The Person of Christ in
 Nonconformist Thought and Ecclesial Experience, 1600-2000
 Tim Gessner
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:463-464 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141l

 Book Review: An Updated Resource for Biblical Studies: Richard N. Soulen
 & R. Kendall Soulen, Handbook of Biblical Criticism
 Brandon D. Crowe
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:464-465 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141m

 Book Review: Evil, Suffering and the Darker side of Aesthetics: Philip
 Tallon, The Poetics of Evil: Toward an Aesthetic Theodicy
 Peter Stiles
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:465 doi:10.1177/0014524614524141n

Index of Books Reviewed

 Index of Books Reviewed
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:466-467 doi:10.1177/0014524614530825

And Finally? the Susan Boyle Effect

 And Finally? the Susan Boyle Effect
 John Armes
 The Expository Times 2014; 125:468 doi:10.1177/0014524614523696

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