Monday, September 8, 2014

Journal of Biblical Literature 133/3

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Journal of Biblical Literature
Volume 133, Issue 3—September 2014
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Her Word versus His: Establishing the Underlying Text in 1 Samuel 1:23
Aaron D. Hornkohl

4QPsx: A Collective Interpretation of Psalm 89:20–38 
Mika S. Pajunen 

Nebuchadnezzar's Affliction: New Mesopotamian Parallels for Daniel 4 
Hector Avalos

Idols [ktbwnm]: A Note on Hosea 13:2a 
Stuart A. Irvine

Cutting Off "Kith and Kin," "Er and Onan"? Interpreting an Obscure Phrase in Malachi 2:12 
Jonathan M. Gibson 

Reclaiming the Land (1 Maccabees 15:28–36): Hasmonean Discourse between Biblical Tradition and Seleucid Rhetoric 
Katell Berthelot

Matthew's Titulus and Psalm 2's King on Mount Zion 
Tucker S. Ferda 

Resisting Honor: The Markan Secrecy Motif and Roman Political Ideology 
Adam Winn

[Monon] or [monon]? Reading 1 John 2:2c from the Editio Critica Maior
Toan Do 

"Fishers of Humans," the Contemporary Theory of Metaphor, and Conceptual Blending Theory 
Blake E. Wassell and Stephen R. Llewelyn

The JBL Forum, an Occasional Exchange 
Adele Reinhartz 

The Death of Moses and the Fate of Source Criticism 
Serge Frolov 

The Place of Deuteronomy 34 and Source Criticism: A Response to Serge Frolov 
Philip Y. Yoo 

Deuteronomy 34: The Death of Moses, Not of Source Criticism 
Shawna Dolansky 

Unified until Proven Disunified? Assumptions and Standards in Assessing the Literary Complexity of Ancient Biblical Texts 
David M. Carr 

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