Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Biblica 2014/2

    We are pleased to inform you that Fascicle 95/2 (2014) of Biblica's journal is now available on-line at its renewed sitewww.bsw.org/biblica/

   In this issue you will find the following articles and short notes:

Biblica Vol.95 (2014/1)
  • Steiner Till Magnus, «'Gott stieg hinauf ...' (Ps 47,6) — wohin? Psalm 47 als exilische Hoffnung auf Restitution»
  • van Wieringen A.L.H.M., «Psalm 65 as Non-Appropriation Theology»
  • Schütte Wolfgang, «Die Entstehung der juda-exilischen Hoseaschrift»
  • Reymond E.D., «The Wisdom of Words in the Wisdom of Ben Sira»
  • Eubank Nathan, «Dying with Power. Mark 15,39 from Ancient to Modern Interpretation»
  • Leuchter Mark, «Inter-Levitical Polemics in the late 6th century BCE: The Evidence from Nehemiah 9»
  • Meek Russell L., «Intertextuality, Inner-Biblical Exegesis, and Inner-Biblical Allusion: The Ethics of a Methodology»



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