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Expository Times 126/10

The Expository Times
July 2015; Vol. 126, No. 10


 Church-State Relations: Dilemmas of Human Freedom and Coercion
 Cyril Hovorun
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:469-474 doi:10.1177/0014524615571485 

 Promoting Ancestry as Ecodomy in Romanian Eastern Orthodox Christianity. 
 The Role of Ancestors in Contemporary Romanian Orthodox Rhetoric
 Corneliu C. Simu? and Johan Buitendag
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:475-487 doi:10.1177/0014524615571245 

Book of the Month

 Contextual Introduction to the New Testament
 John Riches
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:488-490 doi:10.1177/0014524615583403 

Sermons for the Christian Year

 2^nd August: 10^th Sunday after Pentecost: Ephesians 4.1-16
 Dillon T. Thornton
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:491-492 doi:10.1177/0014524615584531 

 9^th August: 11^th Sunday after Pentecost: 2 Samuel 18.5-9, 31-33; Psalm 
 130; Ephesians 4.25-5.2; John 6.35, 41-51
 Stephen Plant
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:493-494 doi:10.1177/0014524615584531a 

 16^th August: 12^th Sunday After Pentecost: 1 Kings 2.10-12; 3.3-14, 
 Psalm 111; 34.9-14, Ephesians 5.15-20
 Scott R. A. Starbuck
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:494-496 doi:10.1177/0014524615584531b 

 23^rd August: 13^th Sunday After Pentecost: 1 Kings 8.1-43; John 6.56-69
 Viv Randles
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:497-499 doi:10.1177/0014524615584531c 

 30^th August: 14^th Sunday after Pentecost
 Thomas Plant
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:499-500 doi:10.1177/0014524615584531d 

Prayers for August

 Prayers for August
 Alan McCafferty
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:501-503 doi:10.1177/0014524615584532 

Book Reviews

 Book Review: Commentary on James: Dale C. Allison, A Critical and 
 Exegetical Commentary on The Epistle of James
 Jane Heath
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:504 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979 

 Book Review: Literary Lovers of Late Antiquity: Peter Bing and Regina 
 Höschele (trans.), Aristaenetus: Erotic Letters
 Owen Hodkinson
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:505 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979a 

 Book Review: Of Dreams and Justice: Allan Aubrey Boesak, Dare We Speak of
 Hope? Searching for a Language of Life in Faith and Politics
 Jenny Wright
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:505-506 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979b 

 Book Review: Reawakening a Sense of Wonder: William P. Brown, Wisdom?s 
 Wonder: Character, Creation, and Crisis in the Bible?s Wisdom Literature
 Katharine J. Dell
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:506-507 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979c 

 Book Review: Cultural Memory of Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas: 
 Stephen J. Davies, Christ Child: Cultural Memories of a Young Jesus
 Paul Foster
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:507 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979d 

 Book Review: Thomas and the Gospels: Mark Goodacre, Thomas and the 
 Gospels: The Making of an Apocryphal Text
 Andrew Kelley
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:507-508 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979e 

 Book Review: The Consequences of Torture For America: A Critique: Rebecca
 Gordon, Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post-9/11 United
 George R. Wilkes
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:508-509 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979f 

 Book Review: Healy on Hauerwas: A (Very) Critical Review: Nicholas M. 
 Healy, Hauerwas: A (Very) Critical Introduction
 Russell L. Almon
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:509 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979g 

 Book Review: Trinity and Revelation for the Pluralistic World: Veli-Matti
 Kärkkäinen, Trinity and Revelation: A Constructive Christian Theology for
 the Pluralistic World
 Alexander Chow
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:510 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979h 

 Book Review: Jesus? Social Status and Conflict Origins: Chris Keith, 
 Jesus Against the Scribal Elite: The Origins of the Conflict
 Steven J. Stiles
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:510-511 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979i 

 Book Review: Plutarch: Priest and Philosopher: Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta 
 and Israel Mu?oz Gallarte (eds), Plutarch in the Religious and 
 Philosophical Discourse of Late Antiquity
 Jane Heath
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:511-512 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979j 

 Book Review: Major Commentary on Deuteronomy: Jack R. Lundbom, 
 Deuteronomy: A Commentary
 Pekka Pitkänen
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:512 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979k 

 Book Review: Love Is Not a Word, It Is?: Francis J. Moloney, SDB, Love in
 the Gospel of John: An Exegetical, Theological, and Literary Study
 Josaphat C. Tam
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:513 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979l 

 Book Review: A Right-To-Life Issue: Christiana Z. Peppard, Just Water: 
 Theology, Ethics, and the Global Water Crisis
 Adam James
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:513-514 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979m 

 Book Review: Distinctive Study of First Verses of Biblical Texts on 
 Amulets: Joseph E. Sanzo, Scriptural Incipits on Amulets from Late 
 Antique Egypt
 Thomas J. Kraus
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:514 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979n 

 Book Review: Wars and Rumours of Wars: Boyd Seevers, Warfare in the Old 
 Clement Grene
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:515 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979o 

 Book Review: A Theological Commentary on Colossians: Christopher R. 
 Seitz, Colossians
 Paul Foster
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:515-516 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979p 

 Book Review: Paradoxical Language in Mark: Laura Sweat, The Theological 
 Role of Paradox in the Gospel of Mark
 Elizabeth Corsar
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:516-517 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979q 

 Book Review: A New Update on Ancient Greek Religion: Jon D. Mikalson, 
 Ancient Greek Religion
 Josaphat C. Tam
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:517 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979r 

 Book Review: Metalepsis in Pauline Use of Psalms: Matthew Scott, The 
 Hermeneutics of Christological Psalmody in Paul: An Intertextual Enquiry
 Paul Foster
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:518 doi:10.1177/0014524615579979s 

Index of Books Reviewed

 Index of Books Reviewed
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:519 doi:10.1177/0014524615584710 

And Finally...

 And Finally...Love Your Neighbour
 Paul Foster
 The Expository Times 2015; 126:520 doi:10.1177/0014524615584711 


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