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Expository Times 127/4 (2016)

The Expository Times
January 2016; Vol. 127, No. 4


Galatians and Christian Theology
John Riches
The Expository Times 2016; 127:157-165 doi:10.1177/0014524615584735

David Julizya Kaunda and Paul Bwembya Mushindo in a History of the United
Church Of Zambia: Reflections on a Journey and Vision for the Paradigm
Jonathan Kangwa
The Expository Times 2016; 127:166-180 doi:10.1177/0014524615585079

Book of the Month

Anarchism Today
Guy Bennett-Hunter
The Expository Times 2016; 127:181-183 doi:10.1177/0014524615613708

Sermons for the Christian Year

2^nd February: Candlemas: Malachi 3.1?4; Psalm 84 (or Psalm 24.7?10);
Hebrews 2.14?18; Luke 2.22?40
Graham Jones
The Expository Times 2016; 127:184-185 doi:10.1177/0014524615611337

14^th February: 1^st Sunday in Lent: Deuteronomy 26.1?11; Psalm 91.1?2,
9?16; Romans 10.8b?13; Luke 4.1?13
John Parr
The Expository Times 2016; 127:186-187 doi:10.1177/0014524615611337a

21^st February: 2^nd Sunday in Lent: Genesis 15.18
Jonathan Hustler
The Expository Times 2016; 127:188-189 doi:10.1177/0014524615611337b

28^th February: 3^rd Sunday in Lent: Isaiah 55.1?9; Psalm 63.1?8; 1
Corinthians 10.1?13; Luke 13.1?9
Peter Harries
The Expository Times 2016; 127:189-191 doi:10.1177/0014524615611337c

Worship Resources for February

Worship Resources for February
Kirrilee Reid
The Expository Times 2016; 127:192-195 doi:10.1177/0014524615611338

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Inscriptions of Judea/Palestine: Walter Ameling, Hannah
M. Cotton, Werner Eck, Benjamin Isaac, Alla Kushnir-Stein, Haggai Misgav,
Jonathan Price and Ada Yardeni (eds), Corpus Inscriptionum
Iudaeae/Palaestinae: A multi-lingual corpus of the inscriptions from
Alexander to Muhammad
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2016; 127:196 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599

Book Review: Reading the Trinity in Early Christian Scriptural
Interpretation: Matthew W. Bates, The Birth of the Trinity: Jesus, God,
and Spirit in New Testament and Early Christian Interpretations of the
Old Testament
Matthew V. Novenson
The Expository Times 2016; 127:197 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599a

Book Review: Political Strategy in 1 Corinthians: Bradley J. Bitner,
Paul?s Political Strategy in 1?Corinthians 1?4: Constitution and Covenant
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2016; 127:197-198 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599b

Book Review: Reading 1 Samuel with Reformed Theologians: Nevada Levi
DeLapp, The Reformed David(s) and the Question of Resistance to Tyranny:
Reading the Bible in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Russell Newton
The Expository Times 2016; 127:198-199 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599c

Book Review: An Introduction To Biblical Theology: Sigurd Grindheim,
Introducing Biblical Theology
Carlos R. Sosa
The Expository Times 2016; 127:199 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599d

Book Review: A New Commentary on 2 Corinthians: George H. Guthrie,
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2016; 127:199-200 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599e

Book Review: The Freedom of Swimming in Deep Water: Charlotte Hempel, The
Qumran Rule Texts in Context: Collected Studies
Anja Klein
The Expository Times 2016; 127:200 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599f

Book Review: Understanding the Holy Spirit: Johnson T. K. Lim (ed.), Holy
Spirit: Unfinished Agenda
Stanley Okeke
The Expository Times 2016; 127:201 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599g

Book Review: The Christian Struggle with Universal Salvation: Gregory
MacDonald (ed.), ?All Shall Be Well?: Explorations in Universal Salvation
and Christian Theology
Nigel Zimmermann
The Expository Times 2016; 127:201-202 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599h

Book Review: Faith?The Early Church and the Roman Empire: Teresa Morgan,
Roman Faith and Christian Faith: Pistis and Fides in the Early Roman
Empire and Early Church
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2016; 127:202-203 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599i

Book Review: Current Approaches to John?s Use of Scripture: Alicia D.
Myers and Bruce G. Schuchard (eds), Abiding Words: The Use of Scripture
in the Gospel of John
Joshua Coutts
The Expository Times 2016; 127:203 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599j

Book Review: Matthew?s Gospel in Jewish Hands: Christoph Ochs, Matthaeus
Adversus Christianos: The Use of the Gospel of Matthew in Jewish Polemics
Against the Divinity of Jesus
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2016; 127:203-204 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599k

Book Review: Rogerson?s Legacy: J. W. Rogerson, Cultural Landscapes and
the Bible: Collected Essays
Kurtis Peters
The Expository Times 2016; 127:204 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599l

Book Review: Reimagining Desire: F. LeRon Shults and Jan-Olav Henriksen
(eds), Saving Desire: The Seduction of Christian Theology
Nigel Zimmermann
The Expository Times 2016; 127:205 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599m

Book Review: An Illustrated Life of Herod: Geza Vermes, The True Herod
Carlos R. Sosa
The Expository Times 2016; 127:205-206 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599n

Book Review: Getting to Know You?: Henry Wansbrough, Introducing the New
Clement Grene
The Expository Times 2016; 127:206 doi:10.1177/0014524615611599o

Index of Books Reviewed

Index of Books Reviewed
The Expository Times 2016; 127:207 doi:10.1177/0014524615613707

And Finally?

And Finally?
Michael Sadgrove
The Expository Times 2016; 127:208 doi:10.1177/0014524615611330



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