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The Expository Times 127/11

The Expository Times
August 2016; Vol. 127, No. 11


Voices from Africa
John Riches
The Expository Times 2016; 127:521-524 doi:10.1177/0014524616650101


Tested for Our Sake: The Temptations of Jesus in the Light of Hebrews
Peter Nyende
The Expository Times 2016; 127:525-533 doi:10.1177/0014524616630641

African Democracy and Political Exploitation: An Appraisal of Xenophobia
and the Removal of the Rhodes Statue in South Africa
Jonathan Kangwa
The Expository Times 2016; 127:534-545 doi:10.1177/0014524616630702

Book of the Month

Augustine the Priest
Miles Hollingworth
The Expository Times 2016; 127:546-547 doi:10.1177/0014524616650383

Sermons for the Christian Year

4^th September: 16^th Sunday after Pentecost: Deuteronomy 30.15?20;
Philemon 1?21; Luke 14.25?33
Alma Lewis
The Expository Times 2016; 127:548-549 doi:10.1177/0014524616650366

11^th September: 17^th Sunday after Pentecost: Exodus 32.7?14; Jeremiah
4.11?12, 22?28; Psalm 14; Psalm 51.1?10; 1 Timothy 1.12?17; Luke 15.1?10
Scott R. A. Starbuck
The Expository Times 2016; 127:549-551 doi:10.1177/0014524616650366a

18^th September: Holy Cross: Luke 6.13
M. F. G. Matthewman
The Expository Times 2016; 127:551-553 doi:10.1177/0014524616650366b

25^th September: 19^th Sunday after Pentecost: Amos 6.1a, 4?7; Ps 146; I
Tim 6.6?19; Lk 16.19?end
Hannah Cleugh
The Expository Times 2016; 127:553-555 doi:10.1177/0014524616650366c

The Problem with Evangelical Theology
C. A. Evans
The Expository Times 2016; 127:555 doi:10.1177/0014524616650366d

Worship Resources

Worship Resources for September: Harvest Festival of Thanksgiving
Alma Lewis
The Expository Times 2016; 127:556-557 doi:10.1177/0014524616650368

Book Reviews

Book Review: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Romans 6?8: Paul V. Axton, The
Psychology of Sin and Salvation: An Analysis of the Meaning of the Death
of Christ in Light of the Psychoanalytic Reading of Paul
Brian Bunnell
The Expository Times 2016; 127:558 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381

Book Review: Theology and Practice of Lament: Miriam J. Bier & Tim
Bulkeley (eds), Spiritual Complaint: The Theology and Practice of Lament
J. Gaius Song
The Expository Times 2016; 127:558-559 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381a

Book Review: A Baptist History: A. L. Chute, N. A. Finn, & M. A. G.
Haykin, The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement
Russell Newton
The Expository Times 2016; 127:559-560 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381b

Book Review: Anchor Bible Commentary on Joshua: Thomas B. Dozeman, Joshua
1?12: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2016; 127:560 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381c

Book Review: A Pedagogical Triumph: Patricia Dutcher-Walls, Reading the
Historical Books: A Student?s Guide to Engaging the Biblical Text
Steven Stiles
The Expository Times 2016; 127:560-561 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381d

Book Review: Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts: J. K.
Elliott, A Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2016; 127:561 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381e

Book Review: Past and Present in the Work of the Venerable Bede: Timothy
J. Furry, Allegorizing History: A Venerable Bede, Figural Exegesis and
Historical Theory
Josh Bruce
The Expository Times 2016; 127:561-562 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381f

Book Review: The Post-Priestly Pentateuch: Federico Giuntoli & Konrad
Schmid (eds), The Post-Priestly Pentateuch
Anja Klein
The Expository Times 2016; 127:562-563 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381g

Book Review: Conversion in Luke?Acts: Joel B. Green, Conversion in
Luke-Acts: Divine Action, Human Cognition, and the People of God
Joshua Mann
The Expository Times 2016; 127:563 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381h

Book Review: Callimachus: Annette Harder, Callimachus: Aetia
Jane Heath
The Expository Times 2016; 127:563-564 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381i

Book Review: Amulets and the Text of the Greek New Testament: Brice C.
Jones, New Testament Texts on Greek Amulets from Late Antiquity
Paul Foster
The Expository Times 2016; 127:564-565 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381j

Book Review: War in the Hebrew Bible: Brad E. Kelle, Frank Ritchel Ames,
& Jacob L. Wright (eds), Warfare, Ritual and Symbol in Biblical and
Modern Contexts
William L. Kelly
The Expository Times 2016; 127:565 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381k

Book Review: Preaching the world ?in front of? the text: Abraham
Kuruvilla, A Vision for Preaching: Understanding the Heart of Pastoral
Geoffrey Stevenson
The Expository Times 2016; 127:565-566 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381l

Book Review: Divinization and Empire: Alan Lenzi & Jonathan Stökl,
Divination, Politics, and Ancient Near Eastern Empires
William L. Kelly
The Expository Times 2016; 127:566-567 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381m

Book Review: Hosea?A Christian, Canonical, and Theological Account: Bo H.
Lim & Daniel Castelo, Hosea
George Nicol
The Expository Times 2016; 127:567-568 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381n

Book Review: Women in the Writings: Christl M. Maier & Nuria
Calduch-Benages (eds), The Writings and Later Wisdom Books
Zanne Domoney-Lyttle
The Expository Times 2016; 127:568 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381o

Book Review: Death in the Spirit: Andrea D. Snavely, Life in the Spirit:
A Post-Constantinian and Trinitarian Account of the Christian Life
Joanna Leidenhag
The Expository Times 2016; 127:568-569 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381p

Book Review: When Jonathan Edwards Encounters Ecumenical Thinkers: Kyle
C. Strobel, The Ecumenical Edwards: Jonathan Edwards and the Theologians
Victor Zhu
The Expository Times 2016; 127:569-570 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381q

Book Review: From America?s Heartland to the Ends of the Earth: John Mark
Terry (ed.), Missiology: An Introduction to the Foundations, History, and
Strategies of World Missions
Todd Statham
The Expository Times 2016; 127:570 doi:10.1177/0014524616650381r

Index of Books Reviewed

Index of Books Reviewed
The Expository Times 2016; 127:571 doi:10.1177/0014524616650382

And Finally?

And Finally?
Carlos R. Sosa
The Expository Times 2016; 127:572 doi:10.1177/0014524616650365



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