Monday, March 6, 2017

Expository Times 128/7

The Expository Times- Volume: 128, Number: 7 (April 2017)


Legion in a 'Living Landscape': Contextual Bible Study as a Disruptive Tool (Luke 8:26–39 Interpreted in Owamboland, Namibia) Helen C. John
Jeremiah's Call and Jacob's Birth: A Test Case for Investigating Prophetic Influence on the Book of Genesis Il-Seung Chung
Structural and Thematic Similarities between Psalm 78(77 LXX):12–32 and Mark 4:35–8:21 in Light of Spatial Settings and Exodus Imagery Sun Wook Kim

Book of the Month

Tillich for Today John Riches

Sermons for the Christian Year

7th May: 4th Sunday of Easter Robert Ayers
14th May: 5th Sunday of Easter Nathan Paylor
21st May: 6th Sunday of Easter John Shepherd
28th May: The Ascension Victoria Mellor

Worship Resources for May

Worship Resources for May Rosemary King

Book Reviews

Book Review: Cross, Atonement, and the Patristic Tradition: Frances M. Young, Constructing the Cross: Type, Sign, Symbol, Word, Action Michael F. Bird
Book Review: Sex, Disunity, and Enduring Truth: Paul Avis, The Vocation of Anglicanism John Armes
Book Review: From Garden to 'Arboreal City-Temple': G.K. Beale and Mitchell Kim, God Dwells Among Us: Expanding Eden to the Ends of the Earth David Robinson
Book Review: New Lights on Old Texts: Lorenzo DiTommaso and Gerbern S. Oegema, New Vistas on Early Judaism and Christianity. From Enoch to Montréal and Back Carla Sulzbach
Book Review: Uppsala School—Studies in Ecclesiological Construction: Sune Fahlgren and Jonas Ideström (eds), Ecclesiology in the Trenches: Theory and Method under Construction Clement Yung Wen
Book Review: The Concept of Variety: William Fitzgerald, Variety: The Life of a Roman Concept Alison Milbank
Book Review: T&T Clark Companion to The Doctrine of Sin: Keith L. Johnson and David Lauber (eds), T&T Clark Companion to the Doctrine of Sin Ryan Tafilowski
Book Review: Israel's Heroic Past: Dolores G. Kamrada, Heroines, Heroes and Deity: Three Narratives of the Biblical Heroic Tradition Graeme Auld

Index of Books Reviewed

Index of Books Reviewed

And Finally…

And Finally… Biblical Hebrew Prophets as Journalists Megan Daffern




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