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Journal of Theological Studies 68/1

Death or Conversion: The Gentiles in the Concluding Chapters of the Book of Isaiah and the Book of the Twelve
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer
Hospitable Barbarians: Luke's Ethnic Reasoning in Acts 28:1–10
Joshua W. Jipp
Jesus' Heavenly Sacrifice in Early Christian Reception of Hebrews: A Survey
David M. Moffitt
The Text and Function of P. Berol. 11710 Revisited
Joseph E. Sanzo; Lorne R. Zelyck
Ignatius of Antioch's Letter to the Ephesians 19.1 and the Hidden Mysteries: A Trajectory of Interpretation from Origen to Thomas Aquinas
Matthew Kuhner
Gregory of Nyssa'S Change of Mind about the Heart
Alexander L. Abecina
Sitting in the Cell: The Literary Development of an Ascetic Praxis in Paul of Tamma's Writings. With an Edition of Some Hitherto Unknown Fragments of De Cella
Alin Suciu
John Lathbury's Commentary on Lamentations and the Alphabetum Morale
Siegfried Wenzel
John Calvin on the Status and Role of Women in Church and Society
Nico Vorster
Review Article
Liberal Theological Hermeneutics
Robert Morgan
The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Companion. Edited by John Barton.
Suzanna R. Millar
Patterns of Sin in the Hebrew Bible: Metaphor, Culture, and the Making of a Religious Concept. By Joseph Lam.
L. Michael Morales
Calling on the Name of the Lord: A Biblical Theology of Prayer. By J. Gary Millar.
Jeffrey Gibson
Am Anfang… Untersuchungen zur Textgenese und zur relativ-chronologischen Einordnung von Gen 1–3. By Walter Bührer.
John Day
The Making of Israel: Cultural Diversity in the Southern Levant and the Formation of Ethnic Identity in Deuteronomy. By Carly L. Crouch.
Anselm C. Hagedorn
Exodus und Eisodus: Komposition und Theologie von Josua 1–5. By Joachim J. Krause.
Anselm C. Hagedorn
1 Samuel as Christian Scripture: A Theological Commentary. By Stephen B. Chapman.
Nathan MacDonald
The Nathan–David Confrontation (2 Sam 12:1–15a): A Slap in the Face of the Deuteronomistic Hero? By James Donkor Afoakwah.
Nathan MacDonald
My People as your People: A Textual and Archaeological Analysis of the Reign of Jehoshaphat. By Chris McKinny.
Ian D. Wilson
Concerning the Nations: Essays on the Oracles against the Nations in Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Edited by Andrew Mein, Else K. Holt, and Hyun Chul Paul Kim.
Paul Joyce
Six Minor Prophets through the Centuries. By Richard Coggins and Jin H. Han.
Anselm C. Hagedorn
The Return of the King: Messianic Expectation in Book V of the Psalter. By Michael K. Snearly.
W. Dennis Tucker, Jr.
Proverbs. By Ernest Lucas.
Nicholas Widdows
Ruth. By L. Daniel Hawk.
Brittany N. Melton
Text-Critical and Hermeneutical Studies in the Septuagint. Edited by Johann Cook and Hermann-Josef Stipp.
Benjamin J. M. Johnson
Fundamentals of New Testament Textual Criticism. By Stanley E. Porter and Andrew W. Pitts.
Stephen C. Carlson
Lectures on New Testament Theology. By Ferdinand Christian Baur. Edited by Peter C. Hodgson. Translated by Robert F. Brown.
F. Stanley Jones
Jesus of Nazareth: Jew from Galilee, Savior of the World. By Jens Schröter. Translated by Wayne Coppins.
Steven Muir
Good Girls, Bad Girls of the New Testament: Their Enriching Lessons. By T. J. Wray.
Gail P. Streete
Sacred Tradition in the New Testament: Tracing Old Testament Themes in the Gospels and Epistles. By Stanley E. Porter.
Tobias Hägerland
The Jewish Teachers of Jesus, James, and Jude. What Earliest Christianity Learned from the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha. By David A. deSilva.
Mary Marshall
Echoes of the Scripture in the Gospels. By Richard B. Hays.
Ville Auvinen
The Fourfold Gospel: A Theological Reading of the New Testament Portraits of Jesus. By Francis Watson.
Mark A. Matson
Jesus and the Last Supper. By Brant Pitre.
Olegs Andrejevs
The Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus: Texts and Commentary. By David W. Chapman and Eckhard J. Schnabel.
John Granger Cook
Peter: False Disciple and Apostate according to Saint Matthew. By Robert H. Gundry.
Stephan Witetschek
Vetus Latina: Die Reste der altlateinischen Bibel, vol. 17: Evangelium Secundum Marcum, Fascicule 5: Mc 6,17–8,11. Edited by Jean-Claude Haelewyck.
H. A. G. Houghton
Studies in John's Gospel and Epistles: Collected Essays. By M. J. J. Menken.
Josaphat C. Tam
Creation Imagery in the Gospel of John. By Carlos Raúl Sosa Siliezar.
John Painter
The Pericope of the Adulteress in Contemporary Research. Edited by David Alan Black and Jacob N. Cerone.
Colleen M. Conway
Paul: The Apostle's Life, Letters, and Thought. By E. P. Sanders.
Joshua Garroway
Heiligung bei Paulus: Ein Beitrag aus biblisch-theologischer Sicht. By Hanna Stettler.
Martin Vahrenhorst
Paul's Ekklesia as a Civic Assembly: Understanding the People of God in their Politico-Social World. By Young-Ho Park.
Richard Last
The Epistle to the Romans: A Commentary on the Greek Text. By Richard N. Longenecker.
Douglas J. Moo
A Cosmopolitan Ideal: Paul's Declaration 'Neither Jew nor Greek, Neither Slave nor Free, nor Male and Female' in the Context of First-Century Thought. By Karin B. Neutel.
Bernard C. Lategan
The Acts of the Apostles: Interpretation, History and Theology. By Osvaldo Padilla.
Joshua W. Jipp
The Divine in Acts and in Ancient Historiography. By Scott Shauf.
Gregory R. Perry
The Ending of the Canon: A Canonical and Intertextual Reading of Revelation 21–22. By Külli Tõniste.
Robyn J. Whitaker
Reading Dionysus: Euripides' Bacchae and the Cultural Contestations of Greeks, Jews, Romans, and Christians. By Courtney J. P. Friesen.
Simon Perris
Jewish War under Trajan and Hadrian. By William Horbury.
Steve Mason
Tradition and the Formation of the Talmud. By Moulie Vidas.
Daniel Boyarin
Handbook of Jewish Literature from Late Antiquity, 135–700 CE. By Eyal Ben-Eliyahu, Yehudah Cohn, and Fergus Millar.
Daniel Schumann
Language and Textual History of the Syriac Bible: Collected Studies. By Jan Joosten.
Alison Salvesen
The Fate of the Apostles: Examining the Martyrdom Accounts of the Closest Followers of Jesus. By Sean McDowell.
David L. Eastman
Seguendo Gesù: Testi cristiani delle origini. 2 vols. Edited by Emanuela Prinzivalli and Manlio Simonetti.
Allen Brent
Early Christian Communities between Ideal and Reality. Edited by Mark Grundeken and Joseph Verheyden.
Mina Monier
Marcion and the Making of a Heretic: God and Scripture in the Second Century. By Judith M. Lieu.
Markus Vinzent
Der Wahre Logos des Kelsos: Eine Strukturanalyse. By Johannes Arnold.
Ilaria L. E. Ramelli
Origen of Alexandria: Exegetical Works on Ezekiel. The Fourteen Homilies and the Greek fragments of the Homilies, Commentaries and Scholia. Text and Translation. Edited by Roger Pearse.
Angela Russell Christman
Religion and Identity in Porphyry of Tyre: The Limits of Hellenism in Late Antiquity. By Aaron P. Johnson.
Elizabeth DePalma Digeser
The Theological Anthropology of Eustathius of Antioch. By Sophie Cartwright.
Johannes J. Knecht
Hilary of Poitiers on Conciliating the Homouseans and the Homoeouseans: An Inquiry on the Fourth-Century Trinitarian Controversy. By Jannel Abogado.
Janet Sidaway
The Song of Songs and the Fashioning of Identity in Early Latin Christianity. By Karl Shuve.
J. L. Andruska
Mary in Early Christian Faith and Devotion. By Stephen J. Shoemaker.
Richard Price
The Gnomai of the Council of Nicaea (CC 0021): Critical Text with Translation, Introduction and Commentary. Edited and translated by Alistair C. Stewart.
David Brakke
Arianism: Roman Heresy and Barbarian Creed. Edited by Guido M. Berndt and Roland Steinacher.
David M. Gwynn
Augustine, the Trinity, and the Church: A Reading of the Anti-Donatist Sermons. By Adam Ployd.
Richard Finn, OP
Ecce Homo: On the Divine Unity of Christ. By Aaron Riches.
L. R. Wickham
Severus of Antioch: His Life and Times. Edited by John D'Alton and Youhanna Youssef.
L. R. Wickham
The Practical Christology of Philoxenos of Mabbug. By David A. Michelson.
Theresia Hainthaler
Dorotheos of Gaza and the Discourse of Healing in Gazan Monasticism. By Kyle A. Schenkewitz.
Aryeh Kofsky
The Acts of the Lateran Synod of 649. Translated with notes by Richard Price, with contributions by Phil Booth and Catherine Cubitt.
Eileen Rubery
Literary Territories: Cartographical Thinking in Late Antiquity. By Scott Fitzgerald Johnson.
Carolinne White
Liturgical Subjects: Christian Ritual, Biblical Narrative, and the Formation of the Self in Byzantium. By Derek Krueger.
Spyros P. Panagopoulos
Gratian the Theologian. By John C. Wei.
Norman Tanner
Roberti Grosseteste Episcopi Lincolniensis Versio Caelestis Hierarchiae Pseudo-Dionysii Areopagitae, cum Scholiis ex Graeco Sumptis necnon Commentariis Notulisque eiusdem Lincolniensis. Edited by Declan Anthony Lawell, James McEvoy, and James Stanley McQuade.
G. R. Evans
Speaking of God in Thomas Aquinas and Meister Eckhart: Beyond Analogy. By Anastasia Wendlinder.
Michon M. Matthiesen
Meister Eckhart: Philosopher of Christianity. By Kurt Flasch. Translated by Anne Schindel and Aaron Vanides.
Andrea Colli
Julian's Gospel: Illuminating the Life and Revelations of Julian of Norwich. By Veronica Mary Rolf.
Stefan Gillow Reynolds
Reformations: The Early Modern World, 1450–1650. By Carlos M. N. Eire.
Donald K. McKim
The Roots of Reform. Edited by Timothy J. Wengert.
Word and Faith. Edited by Kirsi I. Stjerna.
Andrew P. Klager
Royal Priesthood in the English Reformation. By Malcolm B. Yarnell III.
Aude de Mézerac-Zanetti
Whitewash and the New Aesthetic of the Protestant Reformation. By Victoria George.
Julie Canlis
Hermann Samuel Reimarus (1694–1768): Classicist, Hebraist, Enlightenment Radical in Disguise. By Ulrich Groetsch.
Nathan MacDonald
Edwards the Exegete: Biblical Interpretation and Anglo-Protestant Culture on the Edge of the Enlightenment. By Douglas A. Sweeney.
Kyle Strobel
Theology and the University in Nineteenth-Century Germany. By Zachary Purvis.
Elizabeth A. Clark
John Henry Newman: A Portrait in Letters. Edited by Roderick Strange.
Peter Nockles
Receptions of Newman. Edited by Frederick D. Aquino and Benjamin J. King.
Donald Graham
Edward Bouverie Pusey and the Oxford Movement. Edited by Rowan Strong and Carol Engelhardt Herringer.
Peter Nockles
Kierkegaard and the Christian Faith. Edited by Paul Martens and C. Stephen Evans.
Stephen Backhouse
The Task of Hope in Kierkegaard. By Mark Bernier.
Geoffrey Dargan
History of Christian Dogma. By Ferdinand Christian Baur. Edited by Peter C. Hodgson.
Mark D. Chapman
George Augustus Selwyn (1809–1878): Theological Formation, Life and Work. By Robert William Keith Wilson.
Geoffrey Troughton
Christ, Church and World: New Studies in Bonhoeffer's Theology and Ethics. Edited by Michael Mawson and Philip G. Ziegler.
Eleanor McLaughlin
Modern Orthodox Thinkers: From the Philokalia to the Present. By Andrew Louth.
Hugh Wybrew
Stanley Cavell, Religion, and Continental Philosophy. By Espen Dahl.
Michael McGhee
Theological Theology: Essays in Honour of John Webster. Edited by R. David Nelson, Darren Sarisky, and Justin Stratis.
David Munchin
Systematic Theology. Volume 1: The Doctrine of God. By Katherine Sonderegger.
Andrew Moore
How the Light Gets In: Ethical Life I. By Graham Ward.
David Brown
Divine Simplicity: A Dogmatic Account. By Steven J. Duby.
Hugh Burling
Christ and the Cosmos: A Reformulation of Trinitarian Doctrine. By Keith Ward.
R. T. Mullins
A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation. By Andrew Ter Ern Loke.
Richard Sturch
Did the Saviour See the Father? Christ, Salvation and the Vision of God. By Simon Francis Gaine.
Andrew Ter Ern Loke
The Death of the Messiah and the Birth of the New Covenant: A (not so) New Model of the Atonement. By Michael J. Gorman.
David M. Moffitt
The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ. By Fleming Rutledge.
Gerald O'Collins
The Election of Grace: A Riddle without a Resolution? By Stephen N. Williams.
Terry J. Wright
A Theology of Grace in Six Controversies. By Edward T. Oakes, SJ.
James J. Buckley
Deviant Calvinism: Broadening Reformed Theology. By Oliver D. Crisp.
Mark W. Elliott
Theology and the Mirror of Scripture: A Mere Evangelical Account. By Kevin J. Vanhoozer and Daniel J. Treier.
Robert C. Fennell
Sacred Language, Sacred World: The Unity of Scriptural and Philosophical Hermeneutics. By Joshua D. Broggi.
Mark Wreford
Exploring Our Hebraic Heritage: A Christian Theology of Roots and Renewal. By Marvin R. Wilson.
Amy-Jill Levine
Reframing Catholic Theological Ethics. By Joseph A. Selling.
Daniel Cosacchi
Desire, Faith, and the Darkness of God: Essays in Honor of Denys Turner. Edited by Eric Bugyis and David Newheiser.
Maggie Hamand
Christian Mysticism and Incarnational Theology: Between Transcendence and Immanence. Edited by Louise Nelstrop and Simon D. Podmore.
Stefan Gillow Reynolds
Making Martyrs East And West: Canonization in the Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches. By Cathy Caridi.
John Binns
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