Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures


Karolien VERMEULEN, "The Body of Nineveh: The Conceptual Image of the City in Nahum 2-3" 
Abstract :
Research on cities in the Hebrew Bible shows that urban spaces are often personified. This article argues that in the case of Nahum's Nineveh this personification is part of a conceptual metaphor, in which the city is depicted as a body. The same metaphor underlies other comparative devices in the text, which similarly share a corporeal focus. Together, these devices tell the story of a weakening city body, in a way that is both cognitively accessible as well as narratologically and communicatively efficient.
Past studies emphasize the difficulties in understanding the logic behind the placement of the priestly blessing within the description of tabernacle rituals of Numbers 5:1–10:10. The present article sheds new light on this problem by comparing the blessing in Numbers 6:24–26 to several blessings preserved in Iron Age dedicatory inscriptions. It argues that the locations of such dedications in temple spaces provide new insights into the literary location of the priestly blessing in the book of Numbers.


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