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The Expository Times 129/3

The Expository Times- Volume: 129, Number: 3 (December 2017)

Scrolling through Revelation: A Note on the βιβλ- Word-Group in the Narrative Structure of John's Apocalypse Jared W. Hay
Emotions, Empathy, and Engagement with God in Revelation 6:9–11 David Seal
Book of the Month

A Case for High Human Christology Richard Bauckham
Sermons for the Christian Year

7th January: Epiphany of the Lord: Isaiah 60.1–6; Psalm 72.1–7, 10–14; Ephesians 3.1–12; Matthew 2.1–12 Ron J. Bigalke
14th January: 2nd Sunday after Epiphany: 1 Samuel 3.1–10; John 1.43–51 Helen Alexander
21st January: 3rd Sunday after Epiphany: Jonah 3.1–5, 10 Douglas Stevenson
28th January: 4th Sunday after Epiphany: Psalm 111 Martin Down
Book Reviews

Book Review: Guns and Gospel: Ambrose Mong, Guns and Gospel: Imperialism and Evangelism in China Jihe Gaius Song
Worship Resources

Worship Resources for January: 3. Interiority David D. Scott
Book Reviews

Book Review: Character Education in Literature: Mark A. Pike, Mere Education: C. S. Lewis as Teacher for our Time Junsoo Park
Book Review: James and Migrant Strategies: Margaret Aymer, James: An Introduction and Study Guide: Diaspora Rhetoric of a Friend of God Alicia J. Batten
Book Review: A Reckoning with recent Scholarship on Paul and Judaism: Michael F. Bird, An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans Matthew V. Novenson
Book Review: Religion or Socio-Political Ideology?: Jeremiah W. Cataldo, Biblical Terror: Why Law and Restoration in the Bible Depend Upon Fear Lester L. Grabbe
Book Review: Continuing the Search for 'Ancient Israel': Lester L. Grabbe (ed.), The Land of Canaan in the Bronze Age Philip R. Davies
Book Review: Beyond the Gift: Christina M. Gschwandtner, Marion and Theology David Grumett
Book Review: Philosophers as Latter-Day Casuists: David Edmonds (ed.) Philosophers Take on the World J. L. H. Thomas
Book Review: A Sagacious Choice for The Uninitiated: Nicky Hansell, The Sage Train Adrian Brockless
Book Review: Asian Perspectives on Ruth: Jione Havea & Peter H. W. Lau (eds), Reading Ruth in Asia Nuam Hatzaw
Book Review: Mbiti, Mugambi, and Post-Colonial Theology: Robert S. Heaney, From Historical to Critical Post-Colonial Theology: The Contributions of John S. Mbiti and Jesse N. K. Mugambi Clement Yung Wen
Book Review: Mighty Oaks from Tiny Acorns Grow: Jeremy M. Hutton & Aaron D. Rubin (eds), Epigraphy, Philology, and the Hebrew Bible: Methodological Perspectives on Philological and Comparative Study of the Hebrew Bible in Honor of Jo Ann Hackett Nicholas Wyatt
Book Review: The Relevance of Old Testament Law for Christian Ethics: Hetty Lalleman, Celebrating the Law? Rethinking Old Testament Ethics William Ford
Book Review: Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit: Matthew Levering, Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit: Love and Gift in the Trinity and the Church Andrew Hay
Index of Books Reviewed

Index of Books Reviewed
And Finally…

And Finally… Reading Between the Lines: Tobias and the Fishy Fume Osamu Nakayama

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