Friday, March 16, 2018

The Expository Times 129/7

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The Expository Times- Volume: 129, Number: 7 (April 2018)

Messianic Grammar? A response to Matthew V. Novenson, The Grammar of Messianism: An Ancient Jewish Political Idiom and Its Users
On The Grammar of Messianism, in Dialogue with N. T. Wright
Seeing the Light: Ordinary Christians Encountering the Bible through video
Book of the Month

Updating Incarnation
Sermons for the Christian Year

6th May: 6th Sunday of Easter: John 15.9–17
13th May: The Ascension: Luke 24.44–53
20th May: Pentecost: Ezekiel 37.1–14; Acts 2.1–21; Romans 8.22–27; John 15.26–27, 16:4b–15
27th May: Trinity Sunday: Isaiah 6.1–8, Romans 8.12–17, John 3.1–17
Worship Resources

Worship Resources for May: 7. Revelation
Book Reviews

Book Review: An Invitation to 'Read Bonhoeffer Whole', Indexes and Supplementary Materials: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, Volume 17
Book Review: Discourses of Masculinity and Politics in Acts, Reading Acts in the Discourse of Masculinity and Politics
Book Review: History of Old Testament Interpretation Briefly Introduced, Companion to the Old Testament
Book Review: Numbers in Manuscripts of the New Testament, Numerals in Early Greek New Testament Manuscripts: Text-Critical, Scribal, and Theological Studies
Book Review: The Stewardship of Preparation, Talking about Dying: Help in Facing Death and Dying
Book Review: Ancient Israelite History—Tools and Approaches, Ancient Israel: What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?
Book Review: Pneumatology in the Majority World, The Spirit over the Earth: Pneumatology in the Majority World
Book Review: An Admirable Commentary on the Thessalonian Correspondence, 1–2 Thessalonians: A New Covenant Commentary
Book Review: New Essay Collection Showcases D. B. Hart at His Best—and Worst, The Hidden and the Manifest: Essays in Theology and Metaphysics
Book Review: Gender and Masculinity Studies in Relation to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Vulnerability and Valour: A Gendered Analysis of Everyday Life in the Dead Sea Scrolls Communities
Book Review: Protestantism and Individual Liberty of Conscience, The Peril and Promise of Christian Liberty: Richard Hooker, the Puritans and Protestant Political Theology
Book Review: Paul and Gnosis, Paul and Gnosis
Book Review: The Species of Catholic Theology, Catholic Theology
Book Review: Reasserting The Ecclesial Need for Black Liberation Theology, Contesting Post-Racialism: Conflicted Churches in the United States and South Africa
Book Review: Acts of the Apostles—Editio Critica Maior, Novum Testamentum Editio Critica Maior: III Acts of the Apostles
Book Review: Practical Help for Preaching from the Old Testament, How to Preach & Teach the Old Testament for All Its Worth
Index of Books Reviewed

Index of Books Reviewed
And Finally… The Atheist Prayer Experiment

And Finally… The Atheist Prayer Experiment

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