Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Journal for the Study of the New Testament 40/4

Journal for the Study of the New Testament
Table of Contents Alert
Journal for the Study of the New Testament- Volume: 40, Number: 4 (June 2018)
Tasting the Kingdom: Wine-Drinking and Audience Inference in Mark 15.36
The Completion of King Saul in Acts
Returning to the stoicheia tou kosmou: Enslavement to the Physical Elements in Galatians 4.3 and 9?
The Legal Significance of Christ's Risen Life: Union with Christ and Justification in Galatians 2.17-20
Discerning the Body of Christ: Paul, Poverty and the Powers
Reframing Paul's Anthropology in Light of the Cognitive Sciences: Exercising Care in Interdisciplinary New Testament Scholarship
Reframing Paul's Anthropology in the Light of the Dichotomies of Pauline Research
Participation and the Person in Pauline Theology: A Response to Susan Eastman's Paul and the Person
Divine Love and the Constitution of the Self


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